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Welcome to this post! I guess you are wondering why you haven’t seen this feature before…That’s normal, it doesn’t exist, so we decided to create a little extension that will do the trick !

Here’s where to get it : Add Comment


I’ll go through some of the feature of our “Add Comment” extension :

* You can create / delete comments like in Excel

* You can create private or public comments on selected table cells, free cells or header cells

* You or other users can create multiple comments on the same cell, allowing discussion-like collaboration

*Users have the ability to insert a selected comment in the report, for printing purposes for example

*Comments metadata include user name, date / time of comment, value of he cell at the time the comment was created

*Persistence management (users can control whether they want to keep after refreshing the report)


Prequisites : WebIntelligence XI 3.1 SP2 (DHTML view mode) and up, Extension points enabled. For more info download samples and documentation Web Intelligence Extension Points

Important : Make sure to update the user.js and webiIntegration.js with the ones from the package.

Once you deploy the extension, a new icon will appear on the left panel of your webi viewer :


Now if you select a cell,  you will notice it is getting highlighted and an “Insert” button becomes available on the left panel.



By clicking “Insert”, you will bring an input form where you will be able to add a comment. As you can see the comment can be made private, or persistent after refresh



Now, after the comment is added, the report looks like this :


You will notice a little red triangle in the upper right-hand corner of the commented cell, notifying the presence of a comment. You will also see the comment displayed on the left pane, with the user who added it as well as the date of the comment.

Something to be pointed out is that the same users (as well as other users) can add comments to the same cell. Only the user who created the comment can delete it.

Another interesting feature is the capability to insert the comment inside the report itself, for printing purposes for example.

Just select the comment displayed on the left panel and the “Show in report” button will become available. The comment will also be visible if the report is saved it as PDF.


Now just drag the comment where you want it to appear in the report ! In the following screenshot, the comment dragged is shown in a yellow cell:



This extension answers a business requirement wanted by some of our customers and partners.

We hope it demonstrates usefully the capabilities of the Extension Points for filling gaps in the product and creating custom enhancement for Webintelligence reports.

Feel free to share it, reuse the code and develop other ideas based or around this sample.

Let us know what you think about this one and give us some ideas on what to develop next!

A bientot

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  1. Hi Romaric,

    Your solution looks great, is there any installation guide? I can only see jsp files in the comment folder.

    Thank you,


      1. Michael Kiser
        Romaric –

        I’ve followed your installation instructions exactly and I’m not seeing the modifications in the DHTML version.  I’ve verified the installation steps and locations.  Any ideas of what I can do to troubleshoot?

    1. Romaric SOKHAN Post author
      thanks Patrick, i actually work at BO…eh…SAP and it really helps working with the best people (i’ll pass on the compliment:-)
      The idea is to share some extension samples so that developers worldwide can leverage and extend webi capabilities…and share them too!
  2. Vishal Mayekar
    This is a great feature and will be really helpful for summary reports where Managers would like to add comment to the report.

    Q: Is it also able to store the further comments or the comment made is overwritten?

    Cheers, Vishal

    1. Romaric SOKHAN Post author
      Thanks for your comment Vishal. You can save the comments, and have multiple comments in the same cell. No comment will get overwritten. Bear in mind that the comments will only be visible in a webi dhtml viewer though, not in Java or Webi Rich client.
  3. Harald Anton Mueller
    Hi Romaric,

    this a really great tool and in fact I was on the way to write a similar tool aswell 😉 Thanks for the great job!
    I tested it on my german system and found, that you only provided en and fr translations so far. I translated the texts to german and works fine, except one thing: when I use german special character ü in the labelInsertCaption it does not work and fails with a JavaScript error in the browser. When replacing that to ue it works (but doesn’t look nice). Replacing it with eg. ü it doesn’t translate to ü, where in the other labels it works like that. Seems to be a JavaScript issue using special chars in the button texts…
    I would like to upload my de/labels.js, but it seems I cannot attach something here.


    1. Romaric SOKHAN Post author
      Hi Vamsi,as this is a customization, you need to plan  and apply a strategy to upgrade the custom code you are writing, the same as you would for a typical sdk application.
  4. Carl Teves
    Hi RoRo,

    Am in Sydney still where abouts are you these days?
    Anyway, was looking at this feature and was almost ready to download it as it may be a very useful feature…but a few questions pop to mind; we currently have XIR3 SP EDGE…does this make a difference and is it alright to be downloaded on top of SP3?
    Let me know mate…cheers, Carl

    ps. if you’re in London say hi to the chaps!!!

    1. Romaric SOKHAN Post author
      Hey dude, nice to hear from you, it will work on top of SP3, contact me if you have any challenge or questions and have fun with the Aussies!

      ps: met antoine and chris b. last week in quebec 🙂

  5. Ian Hall
    Hi Romaric.

    Thanks a lot for this – really, really useful and very timely.  We were only talking about the need for this the morning before I read your post.  Implemented it and it works great.


  6. Deep B
    Hi Romaric

    This is great stuff. A few questions..

    1. Is there a limit to the number of comments that can be added to the report?

    2. Once I choose to show a comment in the report body, I do not see a way to remove it unless I ‘edit’ the report and manually delete this. Am I correct?

    3. Will this Add-on be available in BO XI 4 (Or an equivalent pre-delivered out-of-box?)

    4. Is there any special instruction I should keep in mind before proposing this add-on to be moved to the Production?

    Thank you

  7. Reyna Caamaño Gerardo
    Hi Romaric, we found very useful this functionality, thanks.

    However we want to know if there are a new version that support multiusers (concurrent) ,  becouse we did a test using 2 users  opening at  the same report and  add comments in the same report,  and the results is that the last one users that save the data is that one remains,  and the other one is overwritten.

    There are a workarround for this issue ?

    Thanks very much

    Gerardo Reyna Caamaño

  8. Laurent Ferrat

    Hello Romaric,

    this feature is great and very interesting for a need we’ve currently. Is there any possibility to include the comments in the export (PDF or xls)?

    It would be perfect, but if not what would be the effort in your opinion to do it (if it’s feasible)? Is there as of today another way to cover this kind of business need?

    Thanks in advance

    Laurent Ferrat


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