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SAP BusinessObjects Product Name Change

Moving forward, many of the presentation layer tools in the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio will have a new name. I would like to point it out that some of the names were not like that initially. SAP has consulted the user community leaders to come up with these final names. In my humble opinion, this is a good indication that SAP is not too big to listen.

First of all, the word “XI” will be removed from the release number. For example, the upcoming version 4 will be officially named SAP BusinessObjects 4.0.

These are the old names and the corresponding new names:
SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Premium –> SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform
Crystal Reports –> SAP Crystal Reports
SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius Enterprise –> SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence –> SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
SAP BusinessObjects Voyager (aka Advanced Analysis Web; Pioneer) –> SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP
SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis (aka Advanced Analysis Office; Pioneer) –> SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office
SAP BusinessObjects Explorer –> SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

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    • Jamie, if that is the case I would agree with you. “Crystal Dashboard Design” is a train wreck of a name in my opinion…would be good to get some clarification on the Xcelsius naming plans in particular. On the plus side I like “Analysis” better than the “Advanced Analysis” variations that were out there. And I’m glad to see that “Webi” remains the same, I liked that name and thought it made sense branding wise – though someone told me that name was changing also…Simon, do you know the answer to Jamie’s question?

      – Jon

      • We need to put the new naming into the context of our brand strategy.

        The SAP Crystal brand is targeted at personal and high volume products, and is sold through 2-tier distribution & eStore.

        The SAP BusinessObjects Brand is targeted at enterprises, and is sold through VAR partners and direct sales.

        The former Xcelsius product has versions that fit into both categories and had different names for those categories as well.  Xcelsius Engage was the volume product, and Xcelsius Enterprise was the enterprise product.

        With the new naming we are taking the same segmentation:

        SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software comes in 2 editions for the volume market and is limited by either functionality or license restrictions compared to the enterprise product.  The departmental edition requires a separate viewing license (called the SAP Crystal Dashboard Viewing option) to view dashboards that connect to live data.

        SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards software meets the dashboard and visualization requirements for enterprises.  Unlike the SAP Crystal versions, this supports connectivity to SAP data sources, deployment to SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise and Edge series servers.

        Two related products targeting different audiences serving different needs.

        The slightly different names have to do with how the channels work. Disti & eStore are very a-la-carte and there’s separate, standalone viewing licenses with separate names.  Software sold off our direct price list leverages the SAP standards for ‘user types (ie.. Analyst User, Information Viewer, etc)’, so there’s no need to put the Design/View distinction in the product name.

        Hope that helps.

        Blair Wheadon (the volume guy) & Jason Rose (the enterprise guy)

    • The new names for the majority of the products are OK, but the Xcelsius ones leave me wanting more.   I am not 100% jazzed by them, but it’s better than the repetition of Crystal over and over, when the product really doesn’t have anything to do with Crystal.

      Wonder how the BOE gurus are going to deal with the new BIP (?) acronym?

    • Did you sign up? Its out already Launch of BO 4.0 Aurora.What is Aurora? Learn about the strategy and plans for the upcoming
      launch of Aurora, codename for the next version of BI and EIM
      capabilities at SAP. Gain insight into the release timing and why this
      release is a game changer for SAP


  • Simon:

    Thank you for clarifying the name changes. Please let me know the differences between Data Services and Data Integrator. Also, let me know if Business Objects Enterprise Edition XI R2 SP5 has Data Integrator bundled.


    • HI Kamaraj, Data Integrator is a subset of Data Services. It is a separate product and not a part of BusinessObjects Enterprise for R2 and Version 3.
    • Business Planning and Consolidation is under a different group of product line… the EPM I believe. I will post an update if I have heard of any name change in that group.
  • So SAP is changing names again?  Everything I had seen as recently as Aug 2010 form SAP said  Web Intelligence was becoming Interactive Analysis.

    1) Surprised that this info is covered by a non-disclosure agreement

    2) If all this is correct, SAP really, really needs to stop serving its employees drinks with so much caffeine.  How can SAP talk about branding, but then publish 2, 3, or more product name changes for the same product over several months – causes tremendous confusion.  Lesson for SAP – keep your mouth shut until until you are sure about what you’re doing.  I have to hope calmer heads prevail on the software development side of the company  

    • Calmer heads did prevail. They announced (leaked) the name changes, the public revolted, and some of the name changes (Web Intelligence specifically) were rolled back. It’s a good thing. 🙂
  • Hi thank god XI is removed from the product, bez after saying that my domain is business objects xi 3.1 ppl think that its part of SAP XI which is totally different.

    congrats! all for this new name of business objects 4.0

  • The product name changes in my blog are all finalized and ready for public consumption. But as you might have known, Universe Designer will be replaced by another comprehensive tool called Information Design Tool, and it is not on this list.

    There will be a webcast by Jason Rose on 9/28/2010 to go over the product name change. Jason will try to cover any possible name change on other products that are not list above, if such information is available.

    You can register for this webcast at:

  • [QUOTE]
      – SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP
      – SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office

    So the MS Office edition is not OLAP cabable?
    Well, of course it is!
    But the Web version is? I think this could have been done better…

    In addition as much as I love “BusinessObjects” I would recommend replacing it finally and simply call it “SAP BI”.