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Introduction to BI164

The SBOP PC (BPC) 7.5 NW session meets the definition of hands-on.  With nine exercises ranging from core functionality (Reporting and Formatting) to new features and functionality (Business Process Flows, Xcelsius Dashboards and Drill-Through) it’s guaranteed to keep you busy learning about one of SAP’s hottest products.  With thorough documentation this session is suitable for beginners and experts looking to experience the benefits of this latest release.   Best of all, at the end of the session you can back up your work and take it with you! 


1.     Logging into the System

This first exercise teaches you how to log on to the system and its different clients such as the Administration client and BPC for Excel.

2.     Reporting, Formatting and Properties

One of the core strengths of BPC is its highly customizable formatting capabilities.  In this exercise you will learn how to use the standard BPC formatting tools.  There is also a bonus section that teaches you how to create consistent formatting dynamically using BPC Properties. 

3.     Administration Client: Dimension Members, Security and Drill-Through to BW

Next, you will review the capabilities of the Administration client, touching on some of the most common tasks.  You will also implement one of BPC 7.5 for NetWeaver’s newest features, Drill-Through. 

4.     Data Manager: Importing from BW and more…

One of the main benefits of BPC’s NetWeaver platform is its integration points with NetWeaver.  In this exercise you will touch on one of those topics by importing data from BW into BPC.  You will also dive into other data manager topics. 

5.     Data Entry through Excel

Similar to the 2nd exercise, in this case we will cover creating input schedules which allow users to write data back to BPC via Excel.  We will also cover the rules for when data can and cannot be written back. 

6.     Multi-Currency Conversion and Reporting

Currency conversion is a vital part of every planning cycle. After discussing some of the theory about the properties and rules at work, we check out the account dimension and the conversion methods associated with each account. Then we take a look at BPC’s currency conversion rule engine. 

7.     Creating and using Business Process Flows (BPF’s)

BPF’s were another key addition to  the BPC NetWeaver platform in the 7.5 release.  In this exercise you will experience both the administrative side of creating BPF’s and how end users consume them. 

8.     Dashboarding for BPC using Xcelsius

Visualization of data is critical – especially when it comes to presentations of the final budgets or plans to company executives. To achieve powerful visualization we will build an Xcelsius Dashboard on top of the BPC data that will refresh dynamically when the underlying data in BPC changes. 

9.     Take Your Work Home – Backup and Restore

After all of your hard work this last exercise will allow you to backup your work to restore it later in your own BPC 7.5 NW system. Backup & restore is a task that system administrators perform and nothing an end user would normally do. 

Who’s coming directory?

“The ‘Who’s Coming?’ directory will allow all attendees to find out who else will be attending SAP TechEd 2010 Berlin and Las Vegas. The system helps attendees connect with the colleagues, experts, and peers they follow on Twitter and LinkedIn that are also registered for TechEd. In addition, attendees can identify their interest areas using social tagging and then connect with others that have similar interests.” – Chip Rodgers 

Expert Networking Sessions

All speakers have been asked to register expert networking session to intensify the dialogue about the topic of choice. Typically these sessions should be highly interactive and dynamic and result a bi-directional communication and ultimately a pleasant discussion/great time. I’ve already registered two sessions in Las Vegas to reach out to all those interested in attending a ‘BPC 7.5 NetWeaver Technical Q and A. I’m looking forward to the discussions!

Networking Sessions: Las Vegas  

Innovation Weekend

Last, but definitely not least – Innovation Weekend. I was really excited to hear from Marilyn Pratt about their (Marylin Pratt, Craig Cmehil and Jason Cao) ideas of putting together a new community event as never seen before. In a nutshell the idea revolves around bringing together the most brilliant minds from all the sub-communities of SCN (BusinessObjects, BPX and SDN) and let them take a business case from idea to prototype in just 30 hours! Wan’t to find out more? Here are link to an introduction Innovation Weekend: Harmonizing Communities @SAPTechEd 2010and the WIKI page. See you there!

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