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Why a Proof of Concept (PoC) is necessary for your OS/DB Migration Project

Why is a Proof of Concept (PoC) necessary for your SAP OS/DB migration project?

An OS/DB PoC is the realization of a certain method or idea(s) to demonstrate the migration feasibility, or a demonstration in principle, whose purpose is to verify that the migration concept or theory is probably capable of being useful. A proof-of-concept may or may not be complete, is usually small and incomplete and usually considered a milestone on the way to a full production system migration

The PoC proves that a migration of the Operating System, Database or both, from a source system to a target system  is possible within a defined production downtime window.  This is measured and extrapolated from the PoC hardware migration timing.

The PoC usually uses production data which reflects a real migration of the production system, and allows one to show comparisons of storage hardware savings e.g. due to use deep compression technology, equal or better performance of the SAP application, scalability of the systems and the feasiblity of actually replacing aging or proprietary systems.

For example, a SAP system database migration to IBM DB2 9.7 PoC provides valuable information about the migration methodology used, time required to complete with the PoC hardware, and the database compression ratio and performance metrics. In addition the PoC proves data integrity from the source system to target system.  

Armed with the knowledge of hard figures and results from the PoC, a customer can confidently start planning for the migration of the real production SAP systems.

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