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Social Entrepreneurship 101: Africa 2010 Program – First Day of Class

Today (August 2) was our first day teaching at ICC with Les, Kathy, and myself. Overall, it was a wonderful experience because of an opportunity to meet bright and talented young entrepreneurs. One of the participants had an amazing idea that he shared with me over lunch. The story was about his passion for baking, be it lava cake, black forest cake, or any cake, he was all about cakes. As we discussed his experience, he told me that his close friends would always invite him over to make cakes. He also does jobs on the side through word of mouth for occasions that would require baking. His location for his baking/catering shop was an ideal location as he explained. The only cake shop around his area has moved away since their building has been demolished.

Closer to the end of the workshop, It was amazing to have him speak in front of the group and have the group provide constructive feedback. As he sat down, I saw the grin on his face from behind. This had a great effect on me to know that he appreciated the whole classes support. He knows that his plan requires additional thought but through the collective feedback process, he might have a chance to make his idea a success. As I saw him get up at the beginning, nervous, and when he got back down after the positive feedback with his arms spread out and relaxed, I felt this was a great start to a memorable first day of teaching. I wonder what tomorrow shall entail.

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