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Is there anybody alive out there?!?

Is there anybody ALIVE out there!!!???

This is always the first sentence out of Bruce Springsteen’s mouth after the opening song at his concerts.  It’s Bruce’s way of opening up the lines of communication between his fans and the band. He uses it to gauge how the crowd is feeling and the response always gives him the energy and motivation to carry on and deliver a memorable show. He says there is always a give and take between the band and the fans and that it is different at every show, depending on the energy he feels from the crowd.

Later in the show he collects handmade signs from fans in the Pit – we call it the “Request” part of the show. Carefuly lettered on each sign is a personal request to play a certain song. I myself have had the thrill of having my sign collected, my song sung.

As lead of the BPX community for Chemicals, I am starting to understand Bruce and his need to pose this question, starting to feel the need to gauge the crowd out there myself – Is there anybody alive out there? I havn’t felt the energy lately. 

Send me some signs, let me know what your requests are.  I am certain we can pull off a good show, maybe even earn an encore.  Together we can make this community memorable.

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  • As a long time Bruce fan and ardent concert goer from the early Spectrum days I can relate to the analogy! (Yeah. that shows my age huh?).  I can even trade some bootlegged live concert CD’s as well.  I’m sure you already have all the regular albums.  U don’t know a true concert till you’ve been to a Springsteen concert.  Anyway..

    I’m not sure exactly what you are looking for but one area that constantly causes issues and one that SAP has no real single solution for is customer specifications in what is usually a make-to-order business in the chemical world.  I’ve seen many approaches, all with pros and cons.  And the latest multiple spec approach in 6.0 leaves a lot to be desired.

    • “in what is usually a make-to-order business in the chemical world.”

      Should have been:

      “in what is usually a make-to-stock” business in the chemical world.


  • Here’s another item I’d ask about…  It for SAP really but impacts chemicals.  Inspection point processing is common to the industry.  The transaction QE71 hasn’t been update in like eons.  While you can create IP via the transaction, the function modules, (provided and supported by SAP in config), are not checked.  How come?  This is a transaction that was supposedly written for IP’s and yet doesn’t cover some of the most basic functionality.
    • Dear Fire Fighter,
      I would like to better understand the background of your question regarding QE71.
      So, could you please send me an e-mail at and I will get in touch with you. Thank you!

      Best regards

      Manfred Schulz
      Solution Manager QM
      SAP AG