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Developing Mobile Applications with Sybase Unwired Platform (1/3)

Note : This

blog is only meant to show you how to start developing mobile applications with

SUP. Most of the information provided here can be found in the online help on

SyBooks Online .

Do not hesitate to read the official documentation, it contains much more

details and some great tutorials.


Developing Mobile Applications with Sybase Unwired Platform (1/3)

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Sample Application

In this
blog series, I will show you how to develop a simple mobile application with
Sybase Unwired Platform. This application will use the standard flight data
application components so you’ll only need to have access to a SAP system to
follow the tutorial. It should allow the user to search for flights, display
the results and show the details of a particular flight.


Sybase Unwired Platform


Unwired Platform (SUP) is the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP)

provided by Sybase/SAP. To get a good introduction to SUP, you can read the

following blog on SDN : Sybase Unwired Platform – An Introduction (Part 1)


SUP Personal Developer


First of

all, you will need to request a Personal Developer Edition of SUP on Sybase

website via the following link : .

You will
receive an e-mail from Sybase telling you how to download the installation
files and generate a license. You don’t have to generate a license if you just
want to evaluate the product (30 days limit).


SUP Installation


click on setup.exe to launch the

installation. The process is pretty straightforward, just make sure you select

the right license type and installation type.

If you don’t

have a license, choose the Evaluation

license type :</p>



the *Mobile Developer Workspace *installation
type :




sure the Device Application Designer

feature is checked.


SAP Java Connector Installation


allows you to connect to SAP servers and consume BAPIs and RFC enabled

functions modules. The SAP Java Connector (JCo) has to be installed first. Download

SAP JCo 2.1.9 from

and unzip the file. Make sure the Sybase Unwired Workspace is closed and copy the

files contained in the zip to the following locations :


librfc32.dll and sapjco<strong>rfc.dll</strong> into :</p>


<ul><li><SUP Installationroot>ServersUnwiredServerlib</li></ul>

<ul><li><SUP Installationroot>JDK1.6.0_16 in</li></ul>

<p>* *</p>


into :

Adding a SAP Server in the

Sybase Unwired Workspace

the Sybase Unwired Platform Services (Start > Applications > Sybase >
Unwired Platform 1.5.2) then launch the Sybase Unwired Workspace.


click on SAP Servers in the Enterprise Explorer view and choose New… :</p>



the name of the new SAP Server Connection Profile :




the System properties of your SAP

system and the Login information :</p>



Click on

the Test Connection button. This is

the message you should get :</p>



Note :
I’ve noticed that the connection test fails if the SAP GUI is not installed on
the SUP server so you may have to install it.


Next Step

You are
now ready to develop mobile applications connected to SAP using SUP. In my next
blog, I will show you how to define Mobile Business Objects.

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  • Busy downloading the recommended software as I type 🙂

    I read recently that we should expect a new SDK (an Eclipse plug-in) for mobile app development in the not too distant future (once Sybase & SAP merge their respective intellectual properties).

    Do you perhaps have any idea on how this will change the way mobile apps are developed with SUP going forward?

    • Hi Trevor,
      We are partners with Sybase and SAP but unfortunately I still don't have any information regarding the new SDK. I guess this new tool will use SAP NW Mobile 7.1 as the middleware and SUP as the mobile client development platform.
  • Pierre,

    I followed your step in the blog and the Ping Test working fine, while the application deployed on BB Mobile simulator, I am getting the following error 'java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class'. I am using JCo 2.1.9 and SUP 1.5.5 running on Win7 system. Firt I got the IA 32 bit error for jCo and downloaded the sapjco-ntamd64-2.1.9 files after that getting Could not initialize class' error. Any idea to resolve the issue. Thanks.

    • Respected Sir,

      I also faced the same error.
      I am using SUP 2.0 in windows 7 64 bit and SAP JCO "sapjco-ntamd64-2.1.10" version.

      And my error is "Could not initialize class"

      Please help me.


  • hi,
    thanks for the blog. the personal developer sybase unwired paltform download link does not seem to work. it takes me to a registration form and after fillin fthe form i recieved a mail from sybase, but that did not contain any information abt trail download. can you help me


    • Hi,

      You are supposed to fill in this form to get SUP but Sybase/SAP does not seem to respond to these requests. SUP should be available on the marketplace soon, there's already a link to get Sybase Products.


  • Hi Pierre ,

    Can you please let me know where exactly we need to copy the files in order to use SAP JCO Connector. Above, its bit difficult to make out the exact path. Also I am using SUP2.1 so is it necessary to copy these files to mentioned folders ??