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9 Sep 2010 Postal Bulletin

Today’s Postal Bulletin includes just one DMM Revision item, and it should not affect Presort – “Mailing of Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco Products to APO/FPO/DPO Destination Addresses.” The rest appears to be typical minor PO changes and general info.

However, since there has just been discussion about it, let me make note of a rule change regarding flats with “price consequences” that goes into effect 3 Oct 2010. This change involves deflection standards and Presort has never directly done anything with the deflection characteristics of a piece, relying instead on the job setup to take care of it through selection of the correct processing category (for example, setting the piece type as NFM instead of flat).

There was a notice published in the PB of 3 June 2010 that described the deflection standard changes, and this also included a small exception: “The new deflection standards encompass all commercial flat-size mailpieces, except those Periodicals and Standard Mail® flats mailed at saturation and high-density flats prices[,] and basic carrier route flats dropshipped to destination delivery units. ” In other words, even if a flat does not meet the new standards, it can still receive the same saturation and high-density prices as before in all cases, and even basic CART price in some cases, so it is no longer an “all or nothing” situation.

There is also a DMM Advisory from 7 September with an item on “Commercial Flats Clarification” which covers this change to deflection standards (adding that important editorial [,] in the text above, for one thing).

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