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Have Any Legacy Systems to Retire?

If you have one legacy system or many legacy systems, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding if/when to retire them.  You need to determine what data is there, what data is needed (for business or legal reasons) and what data is no longer needed.  These systems are also costing the company money for maintenance, licences, personnel, etc, as well as energy costs.

SAP has a solution for decomissioning legacy systems.  It is the Retention Warehouse which is part of the SAP NetWeaver ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) Solution.  This solution helps you transfer the relevant data from the legacy system (SAP or non-SAP) to a SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse environment where you can then run reports for audits, or other inquiries.

What you can do with the Retention Warehouse:
  Decommission several large legacy systems into one central retention warehouse
  Enforce retention policies on data from shut-down systems
  Run reports on data from shut-down systems
  Use a pre-defined BW tax content and reporting interface 
  Interpret archived data without the original system

This workshop will provide you with information on setting up a system decommissioning project from start-to-finish as well as providing hands-on experience on the system decommissioning functions plus the supplied reporting options.

To find out more about this workshop, check out the SAP TechEd Abstract here

Additional information on the SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Solution can be found out on SDN here.

See you at the Las Vegas session!

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  • Hi
    it could be very interesting part.
    customer has to maintain all legacy data since data runs the day to day business.

    customers not totally abonded the legacy system.

    still they have a system for query purpose not update. All hisories are remain stored for future verification purpose.
    but it is a burden to customers.
    there are some data format /files  can not be converted into new  system.