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CRM – Customer Recommendation Management – The life blood of Business in today’s world

Core Concept

A first hand recommendation from the customer is the best part of any business. It’s much better than any existing Marketing Strategies which the Organization can think of. It works twice as much as than a simple Campaign or an expensive Product Launch or Door to Door product sampling. The more the satisfied the customer is the more he influences his friends, colleagues, relatives and peers to buy it. He becomes the sole driving force and becomes the exclusive foundation of revenue generation.  But a good customer recommendation comes from a satisfying customer experience covering all scenarios starting from a Product Marketing, Sales and later on After Sales Servicing.

Very recently I also got infected with Customer Recommendation Marketing and bought a FLY model of a QWERTY Handset. The brand is not that well known and popular like Nokia or Sony Erikson.But my colleague has recommended it for he was very satisfied with the features. I bought the same handset and now I’m very happy to use it. In this case I wasn’t even aware of the brand, the model but based on my colleagues recommendation I bought it.  

In today’s business, recommendation sales accounts for a big portion. It constitutes a major share of the company’s revenue which comes with a nearly zero marketing investment. It is strong enough to keep generating cash even in times of recessions. But, the true power of recommendation lies in the Brand Awareness. A lot of people will become much more brand aware with the Product, the Organization and ordinary Marketing Campaigns are unable to achieve. So, the term Customer Recommendation  Marketing is a new way of looking into the untapped prospective of generating huge incomes without investing directly intomarketing and thus increasing Branding as well as creating a immense customer base.   



Social Media has the changed the world forever. And it’s here to stay. Yes, with the internet taking the world by storm and with computing devices like laptops, desktops getting cheaper dayby day, more and more people will use Social Media like Facebook, Digg, Orkut to share their experience. They might even share simple information like a Product Purchase information to displaying of satisfying customer experience over an Sales Counter or a very rewarding after Sales Service.

The Customer Recommendation Marketing has been very active in the Social Media Channel. It has influenced more people through this medium of communication. As Facebook, Twitter is a free site, almost any people can join and can start sharing their experience instantly and from anywhere in the world. People can access, read posts, share blogs and status any time of the day. This Social media has a tremendous impact on the buying decision of the people. Buyers now-a-days will seek more for a customer recommendation rather than for a company sponsored advertising campaign. And also this has a much higher potential of selling the product. The more the social media power is integrated into a product the higher is the selling potential.

The Potential &Future

Organizations today have started learning the power of customer recommendation. They are trying hard to integrate their process chains with customer interaction. Right from gathering requirements and till the product is developed into a reality, more and more customer involvement is integrated. With this a complete customer interaction is guaranteed which helps business to hear the voice of customers. This in turn will ensure that the customers concerns are addressed. But, most of the companies never really address the customer recommendation section. It still now is most underutilized section in the entire business chain. This aspect of the business has a vast potential which will generate huge revenue. So, most of the organizations must put more attention on this massive opportunity in the coming years. This will ensure a steam of satisfied customers; a gigantic market share followed an immense branding. The company can spread in areas where it has never penetrated and this viral adaptation will produce swift effect.

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