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An Expert Networking Session at SAP TechEd 2010 in Berlin about Semantic Technologies in the Research Project Aletheia

Semantic technologies are changing the way we use information and knowledge in companies. SAP Research is investigating in a variety of research projects how this technology will make our lives easier in the future. One of these projects, sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, is “Aletheia – semantic federation of comprehensive product information”. In this project, semantic technologies are used to gather data from various information silos (ranging from unstructured sources like documents in fileshares or webpages to structured sources like XML-files and databases), federate and enrich these information in a central repository, and to provide different means to the user so that he/she can explore and search for information and their mutual interdependencies. See for example this article

Lucky me, I have at this year’s TechEd in Berlin the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of semantic technologies in Aletheia with our integrated prototype and to discuss then the benefits with you. The more people come, the better the discussion will be, and I want to get as much feedback (positive or negative) as possible. So I shamelessly use this forum to promote my expert session at the TechEd on Tuesday, 3:30 P.M., in lounge 2,  hoping for many participants 😉

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  • I think these are great news. At the moment I’m hearing a lot about activities concerning semnatic activities at SAP. I’m asking when the critical mass will be reached.

    And I hope oher experts from Walldorf & Palo Alto will be there, too. Did you try to contact them?

    Best Regards