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My Favorite Reportapalooza Dashboards

Have you voted for your favorite examples of SAP Crystal solutions dashboard?

So SAP has a really fun virtual contest running called Reportapalooza,where 5 dash boarding guru’s have put together their best examples of what you can do with SAP Crystal solutions to create interactive dashboards and reports.


There are some extremely creative examples of interactive reports with drill downs, visualization of information, and what-if analysis.

Here are my favorites:


Most creative content:

Love the monster content, and the little dig at the twilight movies, Jamie Oswalds’ Monster Information Dashboard wins my attention for most creative content.




Most useful information:

The Musical Instrument Buying Trends dashboard provides the most practical information ofany within the contest.  If you are a parent about to go buy a musical instrument for your budding musician joining the school band, or if you are a band teacher, I’d be referring to this dashboard for helpful hints in terms of what to buy and how much you should spend.  Nice job Jim Brogden!



Best analysis tool:

The Coffee Consumption Calculator Dashboard by fellow SAP Mentor Mico Yuk has a really cool analysis dashboard embedded within it that lets you compare your coffee consumption to others, and offers you an idea of how addicted you are relative to the greater population, and how much you are spending as a result.  I especially appreciate how the analysis tool was able to correctly discern my age, or flatter me appropriately.  My only complaint is, why wasn’t Peet’s Coffee listed, and I had to resort to clicking “other”?


A suggested enhancement would be to chart the number of addicts who had to click “other” to show an “angry ignored coffee drinkers” quotient of those whose favorite brands were not mentioned.


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