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Following my Former SCN “Top Contributors” now SCN “Topic Leaders” announcing a couple of changes around the formerly known Top Contributor program, I wanted to share with you the list of the current Topic Leaders, those who led contributions in the period August 1, 2009 – July 31, 2010.

There are 43 categories on SCN and these Topic Leaders are the three leading contributors per category who contributed via forum posts and wiki edits, who wrote blogs and submitted articles as well as media content in these categories.

Thank you to all these 129 community members for their valuable contributions to SCN. Keep up the good work until the end of 2010 and you will get to enjoy the title of 2010 Topic Leaders (additional visibility with a badge, stories on SCN, and more to come as I evaluate the opportunities).


My apologies for the delay in publishing this list. After some investigation with the SCN Moderators (thank you for your help!), we had to delete the accounts of two leading contributors in two different categories since they didn’t respect the SCN rules of engagement. I am the first to regret this negative impact that the “contest” can have on some members of the community.


Without further ado, here is the list! I hope to see many of these Topic Leaders at TechEd soon!

The names link to the business card where you can see the latest contributions of these members in the “Community” tab.


ABAP Development:


Business Information Warehouse:


SAP BusinessObjects:

Business One:

Business Process Expert:

Business Process Management:

Business Solutions:

Business Standards:


Crystal Reports and Xcelsius:

Customer Relationship Management:

Databases and OS Platforms:


Enterprise Portal:

Enterprise Resource Planning:

Exchange Infrastructure:





Human Resource Management:



Knowledge Management:

Logistics Material Management:

Master Data Management:

Mobile Infrastructure:

Portuguese (Brazil):

Product Lifecycle Management:

SAP NetWeaver Application Server:

SAP NetWeaver Platform:

SAP Solution Manager:

SAP xApps:


Sales and Distribution:

Scripting Languages:



Supplier Relationship Management:

Supply Chain Management:



University Alliances:

Web Dynpro:

Web Services:


Who are the people behind these names?

This is a long list and I hope you’re still reading! To make this blog more personal, I sat back and started thinking about the people behind these names. Who are they? I never had the opportunity to interact with some of you, so hopefully you will understand if you are not mentioned below.


Ingo Hilgefort   is a respected SAP Mentor and SAP colleague, an SAP BusinessObjects expert.


GordonDu   is a legend with over 38,000 lifetime points as I write this blog (get to know him in the CommunityPROFILES – Introducing Gordon Du, SCN Topic Leader that Jason Cao did with him)


Jon Reed   is another respected SAP Mentor, part of the C5 (The Certification Five: Dennis Howlett, Leonardo de Araujo, Martin Gillet, Michael Koch and Jon Reed). Jon likes to make videos and he’s good at it 😉


Ecommerce Developer  – mmh, I wish I knew who is hiding behind this alias… And I know I’m not the only one!


Michal_Krawczyk   is an SAP Mentor, he’s been shortlisted in the Exchange Infrastructure category several times already. Congrats!


Craig Cmehil and Marilyn Pratt:   who doesn’t know these community advocates?


Dilek Ersoz Adak:   Dilek lives in Turkey, and she is (co?)organizing the first ever Inside Track in Istanbul this year. How exciting! I remember that I also watched her outstanding SCN My Way video earlier this summer.


Kevin Benedict   is another well-known SAP Mentor. I know he likes to blog about Mobility and was recently very enthusiastic about the Sybase acquisition 😉


Henrique Pinto   is a fellow SAP colleague who works out of the Sao Paulo office, and is also a Moderator on SCN. I sometimes reach out to him for advice as I value his opinion very much.


Juan Reyes   is another dedicated SCN Moderator. He has traveled quite a bit in his life and currently lives in Ireland.


Lakshmipathi   is an SCN Moderator that I noticed several times already. Keep up the good work in the forums Lakshmipathi!


Harald Boeing   is an SCN Member who doesn’t like points nor badges. I hope, however, that he will find it rewarding to see his name on the list 😉 Harald: thank you for the valuable – yet challenging – feedback. We’re listening.


Julius Bussche   needs no introduction, he is a very dedicated SCN Moderator, is present in many forums and if he were to wear a “real” badge, it would be a Sheriff badge!


Jim Spath,   well-known SAP Mentor and ASUG member, part of the BITI Group (Business Integration Technology and Infrastructure). A mentor in the literal sense.


Otto Gold   has been more and more present this year on SCN, he is a prolific writer, an ally for for the beginners in the SAP world, a motivated fellow member of the community who wants to change things.


Jeremy Good is a fellow SAP colleague and SCN Moderator, though I’ve never had the chance to interact with him yet.


Bob LoBue   is responsible for the University Alliances Community.


Thomas Jung   needs no introduction, he is the ultimate ABAP Guru!

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  1. Henrique Pinto
    Hi Laure,
    thanks a lot for your personal words! It was indeed a nice gesture to take the time to type these messages. Much appreciated.

    I’m really happy to say that it might be the last time I am a top contributor in the Portuguese topic. Not that I’m participating less, I’m actually as active as I was last year. However, the increase in participation of the Brazilian and Portuguese communities in these forums has been astonishing, and it is very likely that some other community members will hold the title of top contributor next year.

    I hope that happens, at least. It will mean that we have achieved what we had aimed at, when we first though of having a language specific forum, and that the forums no longer depend on SAP employees participation to have content. It will mean that the Portuguese community is being maintained by the community itself.

    Best regards,

  2. Muthuraman Govindasamy
    hello Lauer
    Thanks for the list .
    Will SAP Community Network honoring the TOP LEADERS by providing FREE TICKET TO TECHED in the respective region?

    Can SCN bear the little cost 18000 INR (400 USD) We all aware SAP is ruling the world and one of the richest , growing product company in the world.

    1. Gregory Misiorek
      i think the best way to get a free pass is to present your own solution. since i don’t really have one, i have to pay…believe me it’s a lot more when you convert to euros…
      1. Laure Cetin Post author
        Hello Muthu,
        No unfortunately a free TechEd pass is not something we can offer to our 129 Topic Leaders. And as greg misiorek explains below, the cost of a TechEd pass is higher in other regions.
        Best regards,
        1. Muthuraman Govindasamy
          Hello Laure
          129 TOP leaders among 2 Million SDN users.
          so SAP has to encourage the top leaders atleast by giving free tickets to top contributors.
          SAP has to take some initiatives. all 129 top leaders are indeed keep alive SDN 24×7 .
          I would say it is not a big thing for SAP to sponsor the free ticket.


  3. G Lakshmipathi
    Thanks Laure Cetin for your wonderful blog and I am really proud to see my name also the list.  To be frank, I was literally a functional guy till 2004 and dont know anything about IT side.  I started learning basic SAP features in 2005 only through SDN forum and gained knowledge in SD to a great extent.

    I will continue to give my best in the solution in the years to come.

    G. Lakshmipathi

    1. Laure Cetin Post author
      Hello Muthu,
      No unfortunately there is no plan to run such a pilot this year for just one region. Personally, I’m wondering what the other Topic Leaders would think if we just ran a pilot for another region, let’s say APJ…
      1. Muthuraman Govindasamy
        Thanks Laure.

        Learnt that SDN Top leaders will not get monetory benifit from SDN.

        We received only platinum icon.

        SDN has stopped everything like T-SHIRT…top contributors etc.
        nothing we get benifited from SDN .


      2. Muthuraman Govindasamy
        Hello Laure
        eventually final request.

        Can you arrange a get MERIT OF CERTIFICATE for Top contributors 2010 .

        It may not cost SDN much.It indeed helps every one to add feather in every one profiles.

        I believe SDN accepts cost-effective and good suggestion.

        We would realy appreciate your efforts.

        1. Laure Cetin Post author
          Hi Muthu,
          Yes that’s planned. A certificate will be sent to the 2010 Topic Leaders at the end of the year / beginning of 2011.
          And yes we accept all suggestions 🙂 some are easier to realize than others but we do listen to what you have to say.
    1. Laure Cetin Post author
      Hello Harshit,

      Correct, I will publish another list later to include points until the end of 2010 and recognize efforts until year end.


  4. Surendra Kumar Reddy Koduru
    My Dear Friends, Congratulations to all SCN Topic Leaders for the year 2009-2010.

    Good to see the replys from Laure for various questions/comments.

    Warm Regards.

    Surendra Kumar Reddy. Koduru.
    SAP – BI/BO Lead.

  5. Somnath Manna
    ranting! I am not an old-timer on SDN but have seen it develop over past 4 years almost same time as my daughter. Over time SDN added BPX, BO etc. renamed itself to SCN (SAP Community Network), added functionality in form of Blog comment notification, Wiki, Articles segegated by Topics, eLearning, Career Centre, Events, so on and so forth. But one thing has not changed – points, gaming resulting in guestification. I have to admit when I started there was desire for points as it led to material benefits (read T Shirt) but over time realised there are more subtle benefits beyond that. The visibility you get thanks to SCN within SAP World is amazing. Some may agree/disagree it made a different getting a new job or raise – there is something beyond that – “recognition”. It is one thing that cannot get robbed (my T-shirts never reached me by post :D), remains with you and Community simply because people will know you by name and when meeting in person will say Oh! you are THE ONE. That is the power of Community Recognition – a complete different feeling of achievement  that a freebie can never offer.
    I sincerely hope the Topic Leaders get recognised within their current organisation (unless freelance) and get to attend TechEd.
    Best regards,
    1. Laure Cetin Post author
      Hi Shiv,
      You must have received it now. If this is not the case, you can contact me per email, you can find my email address in my business card.
  6. Lekha B
    Hi All,
    Was busy in projects….checked this now….
    This really good news to me that I’m the one of the members in the list…Happy to see that..
    Thanks SCN and congrats to all the other members…Keep rocking….



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