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Today I had my little video Waterloo. I managed to get David Meyer and Michael Bechauf to talk on tape about their presentation tonight at the SD Forum Semantic Web Special Interest Group event:

From meaning to intelligence: do implicit semantics hold the key?

Well, I thought I had them recorded, but to my total embarrassment I didn’t. I am so sorry David and Michael. I owe you big time.

 David Meyer and Michael Bechauf L

This picture proofs that it happened.  

From memory here the highlights of what they are going to talk about tonight 7pm:

First they introduced the term, which I copied now from Wikipdia:

Semantic Web is a group of methods and technologies to allow machines to understand the meaning – or “semantics” – of information on the World Wide Web.[1]

David pointed out, that for the last 10 years a lot of people were and are excited about the semantic web, but that there has not been a lot of impact yet on our daily lives.

The focus so far has been in large part on the explicit markers described in the Resource Description Framework (RDF). Jokingly they said that you almost need a librarian that describes / makes these relationships work.

On the other hand there are all these relations that are created by our daily activities: For example David releasing one of my purchase orders, or you reading this post while logged into SCN. I may not even know you.

Every one of these events creates connections, points to relationships that enterprise systems are tracking. Implicit semantics can be derived from that.

If you think of a system landscape of a corporation, every one of their may be 20 different systems you can look at individually and derive the relationship network of the corporation and answer most of the worlds questions. [Well, most of the company’s questions. Insert 42 joke here ;-)]

Michael pointed out, that this is not only within the enterprise, but along the whole supply chain lots of metadata is tracked and analyzed.

They debated whether an friend request/link on Facebook is explicit or implicit.

Two paradigms are getting interwoven within the enterprise: The Facebook friends/social relationships model is getting more traction and the more transaction oriented based on contracts and explicit company relationships.

Most companies are only talking about the analytical possibilities in this space: SAP has tools available right now and David is going to show some of them tonight.

Where does the individual privacy get protected in this? David pointed out that these relationships to corporations are built on trust and that the first rule has to be that is these things are opt in. He also ducked briefly pretending not wanting to be on the drive by Google location truck. [You had to be there :-(]

It is going to be a really interesting evening if you are in the Bay Area you should check it out. The theme is great and they are both funny and fun presenters.

Cubberley Community Center
4000 Middlefield Road, Room H-1
Palo Alto, CA 94105

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