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The next BIG thing for SCN !!

There is huge buzz around social media and its future potential. To get a feel of the excitement for Social Networking go through a wiki topic Why Social Networks Matter.

Recently I read articles and blogs mentioning that SAP community is best and cannot be beaten by any other corporate community. Congratulations to SAP and thanks for providing us the best social community hosted by any cooperate. I must admit that it has made life much easier for technical Consultants. Thanks to all SAP moderators, mentors and members, whose collaborative effort has bought a rich work experience.

Social community has proved its ability to reach people to make a difference. Let us now have some pointers that I feel should be the next thing for SAP Community Network. Below are some major and minor things that should bring great delight to user and enrich the community experience. Also it will improve collaboration between members.



STATUS UPDATES – Text space where I can mention one liner, regarding stuff I am doing or place I am visiting or any idea that pops up in my mind. Also sharing SCN and internet links will be possible using it.

PUBLIC WALL – Other feature to enhance communication, a kind of wall where others can leave message that is viewable by all.

INBOX – I feel a strong the need for the good communication channels between members. Like any member can send private message to other on SCN. We do not have inbox in SCN and communication with SAP Moderator team is taking place by sending mails to personal accounts 



MY FRIENDS – Other feature that will make SCN more social is adding other member as friends.  It will make easy to follow the activities of your favorite members. Well currently we have a feature like this in which you can favorite any member by viewing it business card. But it is not very handy to follow favorite members.

RECOMMENDATION – Well this is something that we need to boast our egos. Well not exactly but it does help when we get recognition from our pears or fellow members. Even a few words of appreciation can helps to raise moral level and increase the level of participation in helping others and knowledge sharing.

MY PROFILE – We have business cards in SCN, this can be improved to be able to add more information about oneself. His/her interests and his background can also be mentioned.  Profile should allow mentioning the kind of work one has done and what he is working on. Links to all other social media can be maintained here. Also all other summery about his SCN activities like Status update, wall and recommendations can be shown up here. 



THUMBS UP/DOWN – Each reply in SDN forum can be voted as THUMBS UP if it is helpful or THUMBS down if it does not turn out to be helpful. This will help a lot to figure out which is the best solution to the posted problem. After all members are the best judges. 

FORWARDING QUESTIONS (in forum) – This feature that will be very helpful for members in forum is forwarding a SDN thread to other member to request him/her to answer the question.   



VIDEO BLOGGING – It will enrich the learning experience exponentially. We tend to learn and understand when we watch it and hear it in a human voice. Sharing of experiences, creating tutorials giving demos the potential is endless. Right now we have option of inserting media in blogs, but hardly seen anyone using it. It is a community culture that will develop with time, provided we get some advance tool for that. 

BLOGGER TOOLS – A Better blogger tool and a better word editor for it.  



RSS FEEDS – Getting RSS feed in SDN itself from the area you chose. Like if I like blogs of one of the members. I should be able to add his blog in my RSS feed. By this he can make sure he will not miss any blogs by his favorite members. Similarly one can chose to get update regarding a particular forum or articles for a particular area.

DASHBOARD – Personal dashboard where member can chose to add/remove widgets of his/her choice. This will have all updates for all activities member and his friends do. For example new mails he got, comments on his blogs and status Updates of his friends. Other things can be RSS feed for mentioned above and updates for a thread in forum. Also member should be able to get SAP news and customize which news to get, just like newsletter we get in personal mails.

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  • very well thought out blog! agree to most of them. I think we are already on our way…

    Yet, the most important thing I miss is a proper feedback mentality by the community. It kills motivation for the active contributors…

  • Hi Hussain, a big thanks for simultaneously posting these ideas on Idea Place in the SCN Idea Session.

    Some great ideas and the blog is a powerful channel to drive attention to them. You can also add the ‘Idea Place’ category to your blog to have it show up with Idea Place blogs.

    I encourage everyone else to visit Idea Place and vote on the ideas you would like to see. We are very keen to see which ideas the community feels would benefit them most.

    Thank you

  • Thanks for the appreciation, but it will be evern better if you vote for these ideas on the ‘idea place’. So that it is acctually taken into consideration and get implemented.
  • This is a great blog you wrote, Hussain. It’s the first time I read you, and I’m glad to meet you via this blog.
    All the suggestions you made were clearly articulated and are good suggestions for improvements. Some of them are not new to us and we’ve been thinking to improve SCN and our thoughts are going the same way. This blog, along with other blogs and threads with other members of the community, will be a good basis for discussion within our team.
    A quick question: your blogger profile mentions that you are with Mahindra, but your business card says IBM. Which one should I believe? 😉
    Congrats on a well-written blog,
    • I think the blog is achieving the its motive, in getting the attention of right audience 🙂

      And your comment is very encouraging both personally and for SCN future as well.

      Well I had written this blog couple of months back when I was with Mahindra Satyam and got published few days back when I am with IBM.

      I am figuring out the right place to update on SCN so that it reflect correct info every where. Good it caught your attention; its one more area for SCN to look into 😛