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My 12 Expectations from SRM Global Outline Agreement

Contract is one of the most important documents in the procurement world. It is an agreement between Purchasing organization and suppliers. 

1.     More Front end data validation is required to avoid the error while distributing the contract to target system.

Example 1 :- In the Distribution tab ,Purchase organization data – Buyer might  forget to enter while distributing GOA to the backend so Mandatory data or unwanted ( incorrect)  data must be validated while buyer entering while creating document itself to avoid the problem in the future. Here System has to validate all BUYER entered data are correct or not or he/she missed any mandatory data.

2.     Purchasing Conditions and Scaling must be improved to make more efficient contract.

Example 2:- Without any BADI mapping conditions. Purchasing condition type must be sync in both environment i.e. ECC and SRM.


3.     Contract Data synchronization between source (master) and target system (image).

Example 3:- If any changes in the Material master and related contract, owner must get alert. Moreover if the material has been set for deletion in ECC but BUYER could create a GOA for that item. Buyer expects the system not  allow to create a GOA for that deleted material item like shopping cart validation.

4.     Buyers expect more automatic alerts on incorrect or abnormal contract status.

 Example 4:- Any abnormal status like ERROR IN PROCESS or Distribution in correct in the GOA.

5.     Data validation is required at item level with appropriate error message item number.

Example 5:- For example Buyer forgotten to enter delivery days at item level when he/she creates a contract for more than 500 items.

6.     Contract reporting and layout must be improved and reporting layout must help the business to take analyze and action on the contract if required.

Example 6:- BBP_CONTRACT_CHECK report lay out needs to modified like percentage of utilization with some improvements.

7.     Failure of Inbound and outbound contract data must be notified to the appropriate Buyers.

Example 7:- Release value failure happens and BUYER needs notification .Indeed PO release done against GOA but BUYER not aware of this from SRM side

8.     Efficient and Error free work flow approval process and Approver require approval notes to register the contract justification comments.

Example 8:- Buyer leader (Approver) wants to write his/ her comment on while approval time like approval note. 

9.     Attachment and text facility must be improved without any limitations and Product category description text needs to be increased to explain more precise the requirement to the suppliers.

Example 9:- SMARTFORM would not  message created if the text limits are more and more attachment causing Object linkage error.

10.   Contract smart forms must be sent to vendors when really it turned to valid source of supply for the request since it is a merit certificate to the Suppliers.

Example 10 .Buyers sent a GOA SMARTFORM out put but due to technical error it got struck in the idoc.

11.   Alerts to the Buyers by the system to take action if any master data / vendor data changes for purchaser’s action on the contract to match with master data and Automatic alerts if any data in sync between source system and target system.

Example 11:- Buyer expects more automatic alerts if any changes on relative master data of the contract.

12.   Expecting Minimum Order Quantity field in the contracts item data. 

Example 12:- In earlier old versions this feature is available but SRM 550 onwards this option is no more but Buyer community wants this option. 

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