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MQSTR and MQHRF2 format: SAP JMS adapter

<body><p>MQSTR is called as raw format where MQHRF2 is an enhanced format with headers in addition to the body of the message. Due to this, you can see MQHRF2 headers in your message ( e.g. “<mcd>” “<jms>” …). The MQRFH2 header contains information about the structure of a message, and its intended consumers, to enable a message broker to process the message and deliver or publish the message to those consumers.<br /><br />On MQ side, The MQ administrator can configure this by configuring MQ JMS producer to send raw MQSTR messages or enhanced MQHRF2 messages. You have option to configure Queue configuration with  property Target Client to MQ or JMS.</p><p>Please check link for more details :- </p><p> [ |]<br /><br />In SAP PI we can also configure this in SAP PI JMS adapter. In SAP PI when you send or configure this message to IBM MQ or other JMS provider you have this configuration in target client to choose option Web Sphere MQ (non-JMS) JMS Complaint. </p><p> </p><p>If you use Web Sphere MQ (non-JMS) then message will be forwarded to MQ as raw format which is called MQ raw MQSTR format but if you select JMS Complaint option then message will forwarded with header to MQ. IBM Web Sphere supports MQ’s raw MQSTR format and MQHRF2 format. This option will append RFH Header properties to your message.</p><p><img  /></body>

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  • Hi – am wondering about the format ‘MQIMS  ‘… I believe the value is MQFMT_IMS_VAR_STRING. Our existing interface pgm seems to set this value.  In converting to PI, where/how do I set this to achieve the same?  It is an otma message. Thx.