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SAP TechEd – Celebrating the spirit of team SAP

Sports have always held a position very close to my heart – especially the game of soccer. Whether during my school days, when a day did not pass without a game, or now those days when I manage to sneak out for a couple of hours for a game, the sport has always managed to challenge and refresh me. It shapes up the way I think of, react to and analyze situations in real life, and contributed in a big way to my career. The biggest days in the year during my school days were the two days of the Annual Soccer Tournament – the preparations for which would start at least four months in advance and the after effects lasting at least for the following two months. I would look forward to the event that brought all the sports lovers – their energies, emotions, physical strengths, thoughts and all that they could muster to make their team win as a single unit.


Of late, similar has been my experience with the SAP TechEd event. These three days manage to grab my complete attention and amaze me in the way the whole SAP community comes together to bring in, showcase and share their dreams, aspirations, efforts, experiences and understanding of Business Software and technology. Like the road to the soccer tournaments, the stakeholders prepare themselves for the multitude of events, be it the nerve cracking Demo Jams, or the attention grabbing tracks that bring you the latest. The experience that I had organizing the SAP TechEd event, as a track lead, a few years back was again quite comparable to the joys of preparations that went into the soccer event with innumerable parallels between them. The position that each player got to play and the team composition is similar to SAP TechEd, wherein who does what, and at what time, matters a lot. Just like maintaining the pace of the game as a mid fielder, the track lead ensures that the presentations are managed and paced perfectly.


Soccer, or any game for that matter, is a culmination of the efforts of a lot of people – the coach, physiotherapists, captain, players, the match officials… the list could go on. Similar is the case with the SAP ecosystem – the developers, consultants, partners, services providers, customers, solution engineers… go a long way in determining the success or failure of the solution. SAP TechEd definitely is the BIGGEST technology forum that brings all these players together to put together an event of such scale. Over the last few years it’s been a great experience observing the transformation that the event has undergone from being an event owned and run by SAP, to one that is put together by the whole ecosystem. All I can say is that all the stakeholders come together to score the perfect GOAL!


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