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New Project – SCN Sustainability

SCN – BPX – SDN  how would YOU make it better? 


I really mean what would how would you solve the problem?  Think about any solution to the problems you see with the community.  After some discussion with a group of motivated people, we thought we would start a project to make the community better! 

Please take a look at the this WIKI, stop and add your idea.  We will move the ideas with the most votes to the idea place.   Martin Lang has “volunteered” as our un-official leader. 

Another IDEA, was to start talking.  We would like to set up a conference call.    The only way we can do that is to get some idea of how would like to be included.  We need some ideas of an agenda for our first call.  So add your idea on how to make this call productive.

Getting organized is part of the solution.  If we quit complaining and start thinking of solutions we can make things happen.

It all started with the blog series from Otto Gold:

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A lot of people commented, including me.  Let’s keep these ideas coming.

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  • Hello everybody, Michelle,
    if you´re interested in the brief description of the current and possible future state, read the blog SCN infrastructure 2.0: The specified item was not found.
    If you would like to read something about the ideas of the Community, read here: Suggestions for forum improvements:
    Suggestions for forum improvements
    I am looking forward to hear your ideas!
    cheers Otto
    • No – it’s not OK.   Did you try clicking on the Edit button?  If it isn’t there let me know, and I’ll see what I have to do to open it up to everyone.

      Thank you for letting me know!