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26 Aug 2010 Postal Bulletin – Labeling changes

This Postal Bulletin publishes the Label List changes that went into effect more than 3 weeks ago on August 2, namely changes to L001, L002, L005, L007, L009, L201, and L606. I noted in the last update that these changes were expected and intended to be printed in the 12 Aug bulletin, but they got omitted somehow. As a reminder, what I found out from asking some questions last time is that for a while already the USPS is not waiting for official publication like today’s of labeling list changes to make the changes to the online DMM!

Be aware that if you have any acceptance issues that appear related to possible label list changes, either your acceptance personnel should be able to reference the information from the NCSC or you can contact support to get the pre-publication information. The labeling group at the National Customer Support Center is including the text of the label list changes article with the directory data, but of course we don’t have that when we release the previous month’s directories!

Other changes in this Postal Bulletin will not affect Presort directly. They include:

  • A field information kit on the PACT Act (Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking), allowing shipment of tobacco products via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation) 
  • Alternative Addressing Format Options (allowing more services when using an alternative address format)
  • Contents of Periodicals Mail (changes to what can or cannot be in a periodical)
  • New Endorsement for Returned Mailpieces (basically when they catch someone mailing nonmailable material)

The rest is pretty much standard types of changes.

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