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SAP CRM Grantor Management: Upgrade from BRF to BRF+ (BRFPlus)

This blog briefly introduces how to activate the BRF+ (Business Rules Framework Plus) demo rules in CRM Grantor management and it’s effects.
BRF+ is the new strategic ABAP based rules engine within SAP based on web dynpro, which provides powerful new functionalities and performance improvements and is going to replace BRF in various standard applications.

In the future releases of CRM 7.0 we will ship new grantor business rules on BRF+ (application “GRM_CRM_WR_DEMO_RULES”), which contain exactly the same rules we shipped on BRF (application “7GRANTOR”). Programs, which already have BRF rules assigned to them, will remain working. New programs will use BRF+ rules. If you like to use BRF+ in SP1 already you can evaluate to implement the SAP note 1445545.

These rules contain checks and calculations like
– Is the application period within the program period?
– Is the stated income within the range of the allowed income?
– Calculate the eligible grant based on house type and it’s energy efficiency

Demo BRF+ Rule

You can use those as references or templates to build your own rules in your own application, which you call in your customers exits / BAdIs etc.

In order to activate BRF+ via a business function & switch (not reversible) in your CRM Grantor management application please follow the instructions of the document “Using Grantor and BRF+” hosted in the SAP Collaboration Workspace
(access for customers and SAP employees)

Because BRF+ follows a different integration and context processing approach we did de-activate the functionality to assign a rule set to a program on the CRM UI. Instead, you can build this functionality directly in BRF+ by defining several rule sets per program and define therein conditions when to execute which rule set. We are currently thinking about delivering this dynamic mapping functionality also outside of BRF+.

If you wish to evaluate the usage of BRF+ for your organization I can recommend you our new BRF+ introduction workshop, tailored to your needs.

Get familiar with BRF+ and order our service offering “Welcome Package BRF+”:
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