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Solution Manager chatter – SolBros Episode 3

In this episode of The SolBrothers,  we faced down the challenges of intercontinental podcast recording, after weeks of calendar juggling.  Tony de Thomasis dialed in from 14 time zones away, and though he projects well, the late hour in my office triggered an interesting audio conflict. We followed Phil’s agenda except for minor tangents.  Near the end, Phil let the gate open for wild card feedback.

A few details are listed below; highlights include Tony’s new career move, conversations around change control, functional aspects of Solution Manager, and upcoming events.


The “Sol Bros” are:

Phil Avelar

Jim Spath

Jon Reed

Tony de Thomasis


Link to Episode 1 –

Link to Episode 2 – /people/jim.spath/blog/2010/06/17/the-second-episode-podcast-of-some-solution-manager-chatter


Podcast notes


 Time Comments / Content 

Intros: Phil, Jim, Jon, Tony

Tony’s move / new role
Solution Manager and ALM “your way”
Wiley Introscope installs

Jon – case studies / upgrades
future guests – Z_BASIS_ADM

On hold
Java stack broken 6 weeks
Third attempt to E2E100 training class
TechEd, Mastering SAP 2010, ASUG conference 2011

Annual seminar for this year canceled.
Monitoring, access keys, support, that’s it.

 11:00 Questions
 12:00 Tony
Life cycle state, 640, Business Function Solution, Project Management functionality
 15:40 Jim (vacuum cleaner)
Technical audience / sessions at TechEd
Content at BOUG and Fall Focus ROI


Customer sessions – functional side neglected due to ROI doc faults
SAP Solution Manager components not

vacuum gets closer, Tony starts to fade

 24:10  Phil talks about operational improvement
Business Objects connection?
 25:00  Jim
Michael Doane‘s SAP Green Book
SAP Center of Excellence
Solution Manager not a fit with PMO.

Phil talking about business process requirements.
Need to use another tool besides Solution Manager.



Charm / Change Management

Landscape, Java transport management
Quality gate management
Third party tools


Legacy (mainframe era) change control
Enterprise – desktop, anti-virus, downtime management

Complex to set up Charm.
Some customer looked at Charm, skipped it.
Wrap up (attempt)

SAP Upgrade roadmap includes Solution Manager (integrated)

SAUG – SAP Australia User Group
Cloud, on-demand, mobility
Demo Jam

“write about anything”

Mobility – Apple Newton


Jeff Duly’s RoamBI webcast (ASUG members)
TechEd ASUG content
SAP Netweaver Admin – David Hull / ALM124

Sustainability session at TechEd – Berlin

Certification efforts
(SAP Certification Survey)

TechEd Las Vegas

 46:28 Phil
Questions on blog

Jim – Scnotties

See blogs: The specified item was not found.20667The specified item was not found.

Jon – YouTube videos

SAP Video Choice

Thanks and good day.



SolBros Episode 3 – Solution Manager Round Table




Jon Reed’s SCNotties winning entry with scary bad hair in 2009:


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  • Found the discussion relevant and pretty alingned with my Solution Manager experiences.  I’m definitely seeing progress with functionality as stacks are released but it does require a large investment in time and effort.
  • Hi Jim and other SolBros,

    Thanks for getting together and sharing your view on this tool. These are really helpful, especially when there are different views on the subject and not just the one sided “All is best” words from product vendor.

    I kind of agree with all views :).
    *. I understand the value of some of the tools e.g. monitoring, alerting, reporting etc and like the way Tony has showed it beautifully in his many blogs.
    *. At the same time I agree with you about the worthness of the effort to achieve that, especially when the agents keeps on breaking.
    *. Another pain is that you suddenly have to update agents/plugins, because your Early watch report status does not match with SAP status.

    I would keep on sharing my views and also the topics which I would like this group to comment on.

    The 1st topic is maintenance of this big and complicated infrastructure of agents and plugins in a big landscape e.g. 200+ SAP instances.

    I agreew with Tony that one needs a really good person in the team like him to make it work. But unfortunately we are still not allowed to clone 🙂

    Appreciate if you can cover this topic in next podcost.

    Appreciate your effort.

    Arundeep Singh