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Get Ready for TechEd 2010 Lectures and Hands-on Sessions

Michelle Crapo already talked about in her blog TechEd 2010 – Why Go? why she loves TechEd and recommends attending while Chip Rodgers proudly announced Lifehouse Comes to TechEd Berlin and Las Vegas! to both events in Berlin and Las Vegas. With TechEd 2010 hands-on workshop sign-up opening soon, I would like to explain the structure and highlights of the educational content (lectures and hands-on sessions) in more detail.

How did we prepare the program for this event? First, we asked SAP employees, ASUG members, and SAP Mentors for proposals – and we received more than 500 from SAP, nearly 400 from ASUG (for the Las Vegas event), and about 30 from mentors, plus additional proposals to cover the Sybase portfolio, partner sessions, customer sessions, etc. Then, we selected the best content with about 250 SAP sessions (including more than 100 hands-on), 100 ASUG sessions (selected by ASUG for Las Vegas), adding the other session types to complete the agenda.

Now, what’s the track structure and how did it change compared to last year? The content is organized into 6 different tracks (see here for Berlin and Las Vegas details):

Application Life-Cycle Management: Based on high demand, we have extended the ALM track and will introduce the next version of SAP Solution Manager as well as many sessions on how to more efficiently run your SAP landscape. Virtualization, cloud, and sustainability complement the agenda.

Custom Development: There will be lot’s of hands-on sessions to experience the evolution of ABAP. We have combined programming and UI development into one track (see Thomas Jung’s overview of Web Dynpro ABAP Content at TechEd 2010), adding development topics around SAP-Sybase mobile platform, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP NetWeaver Business Client – just to name a few.

Business Intelligence and Performance Management: We have included all front-end BI and EPM (enterprise performance management) sessions into this track. Look also forward to experiencing the upcoming release of SAP BusinessObjects (including SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis known as project “Pioneer”) and understanding best practices of SAP BusinessObjects integration with SAP NetWeaver BW.

Enterprise Information Management: This track has been newly created to better reflect the integrated information management stack of SAP NetWeaver BW & BWA, SAP BusinessObjects Data Services, and SAP NetWeaver MDM (and a few more) and to specifically address the technology challenges from managing information coming from a variety of sources. The content is fairly packed, ranging from architecture guidance and in-memory computing to product roadmaps and hands-on sessions.

Business Process Management, Integration, and Collaboration: Why are we combining Portal from the old “User Productivity” with SAP NetWeaver PI from “SOA”, adding SAP NetWeaver BPM and SAP Streamwork? Three reasons: 1. there is a continuum from structured process extension with BPM and PI to unstructured collaboration with SAP Streamwork and Enterprise Workspaces (SAP NetWeaver Portal); 2. SOA has become mainstream, let’s focus on process and people; and 3. the upcoming major release of the SAP NetWeaver platform integrating Enterprise Portal, BPM and BRM, and Java-only service bus (standalone advanced adapter engine) on the same Java EE 5 stack – all ready for your experience on the TechEd hands-on laptops.

Security, Compliance, Identity, and Access Management: This year, the track will not only cover security and identity management, but also GRC Access Control (thanks for your feedback last year). Other key topics are SAML 2.0 and SAP NetWeaver Identity Management.

Last, but not least, the Sybase portfolio (Sybase Unwired Platform, Afaria, Sybase IQ, CEP, etc.) makes its entry into TechEd. Find out more for Berlin and Las Vegas.

Overwhelmed? We offer a technology portfolio overview session and a 4-hour end-to-end “putting it all together” technology hands-on workshop.

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin and Las Vegas.


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