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Take the Quiz: SCNotty Awards or SCN Choice Awards

Dust off those webcams and get ready to submit a video to the SCNotty Awards and the first ever SCN Choice Awards for TechEd 2010!

Maybe you are wondering if you should participate.  Maybe you are wondering, “Do I have something valuable to say”? I say, you should take the following quiz to find out.


The Quiz! Should I submit a video to the SCNotties of the SCN Choice Awards?

Answer Yes or No to the following 3 questions to find out:

1. Has the SCN community helped you professionally in some way? Helped you implement a project faster? Helped you to find a new job? Resolved a business challenge? Improved your overall wellbeing? Allowed you to excel in your field? Just made you a happier tech geek?


2. Are you concerned about sustainability? Have you made sustainable lifestyle changes? Have you made strides to make your family or community more sustainable? Have you helped advance your company towards a more sustainable world? Do you recycle? Do you ride a bike instead of using your car?


3. Are you a member of SCN?


The Results!

If you said “Yes” to  #1 then you should submit a video to the SCN Choice Awards, category #1 SCN Success Story.  You have a great story to tell and we can’t wait to hear how the community has added that little something extra to your professional life.


If you said “Yes” to #2 then you should submit a video to the SCN Choice Awards, category #2 Sustainability.  No effort is too small to talk about.  Let us know what changes you have made to become a more sustainable person or how you have helped your workplace to become more earth friendly.  Maybe you started car pooling? Maybe you have wanted to get your company to start recycling  and you haven’t done it yet.  (Quickly go do it, and come back and tell us about it.)


You better say “YES!” for #3 because now you can submit a video to the SCNotties Awards!  All you have to do is tell everyone a little bit about yourself. Have fun with it, or not, it’s your call- but make that introduction.


Now what?!

Hope that helps clarify if you should submit a video or not. =)

Some things to note:

Winners will be announced at TechEd Berlin and Vegas!

All entries will receive 150 points.

Winners will receive a “trophy” plus an additional 100 points. 

Deadline is September 30!


For rules,categories and where to submit your videos for SCNotty Awards visit the wiki.

For rules, categories and where to submit your videos for SCN Choice Awards visit the wiki.

Read over Submit Your Entry for the SCNotties and SCN Choice Video Awards and Have You Made Your 2010 #SCNotties Video Yet? for more information.

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