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Step 3 – Distributing a Hello World iPhone application

The distribution process will demand a application descriptor for such application. Below you will find further information. *Step 1 – *Create an XML file for application settings The application.xml file contains basic settings for the application:image
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  • Hello Miguel Figueiredo, thank you for you post. I have a question about the application.xml file. Where in the project directory do we have to place this xml?
    • Hi Santosh,

      In real application.xml should resides in the same location as you have swf file. To make easier this processes I’ve create a batch file with this content:

      .\iphone\bin\pfi -package -target ipa-test -provisioning-profile “C:/Certificates/profile_mfigueir.mobileprovision” -storetype pkcs12 -keystore “C:/Certificates/iphone_dev.p12” -storepass banana “%1.ipa” “application.xml” “helloworld.swf” “Default.png” “icons/icon29.png” “icons/icon57.png” “icons/icon512.png”

      See that application.xml is on the same folder level of helloworld.swf, . On C:\air2 I put all source files and inside sub-folder iphone I put Adobe Packager.

      Cheers, Miguel