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Open Innovation Future Salon Slides and Replay

If you are interested in Open Innovation you owe it yourself to check out Cesar Castro’s slides and the quick replay from the Open Innovation Future Salon.

Even though innovation is one of my passions, some of the insights and the sites that Cesar was sharing in his talk and on his slides where new to me.

It made me happy, that one of the sites he mentioned is part of SCN for almost 2 years already InnoCentive. I have some reservations regarding the winner takes all model, but it is valuable for certain kind of problems that don’t need collaboration.


Here is the quick recording of Cesar’s presentation done from within SAP Connect: (it should start automatically. It it doesn’t please copy and paste the link into a new browser window). The more professional one will be posted soon on the Vimeo Future Salon Channel.

The more professional one will be posted soon on the Vimeo Future Salon Channel.

During the second part of the Future Salon we used  SCN’s Idea Place to gather ideas for the  following:

Ideation Challenge: You are elected to the PCAST advisory board. You have access to up to $500 million in Federal Funding and the ability to propose new investments, legislation, executive orders, or other actions. What is the most important thing you can advise the federal government to do or try to stimulate U.S. innovation, economic productivity or jobs in nanotech, biotech, or infotech (the technology “golden triangle”) within the next three years (Obama’s re-election horizon)?

Idea Place has one organizational innovation that sets it apart from all the other idea crowd sourcing sites: Sessions that have a defined start and most importantly an end.

As Cesar Castro said in his presentation: Even good ideas are plentiful. There is nothing more frustrating than posting a good idea, having lots of people support such an idea and at the end nothing is happening.

On SCN we only open a session if there is someone ready to take action once the session is finished and the votes are tallied.

We set our own deadline of 30 days after the Future Salon, today there are only 21 days left until we want to post our top suggestions to the PCAST site.   Please check out the current suggestions, vote, add your own and discuss the different suggestions in Infotech, Biotech, and Nanotech.

You have 3 weeks to make a difference. Use it.

P.S. If you want to know more, check out Cesar Castro’s white paper:
The Benefits of Incorporating Ideation in an Open Innovation Strategy

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