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Top View Social Media Series Overview of SAP Community Network

I was recently asked to help create a video that briefly demonstrates SAP Community Network’s expansive use of social media for the Top View Social Media Series. We shot videos all around the Palo Alto campus and used Prezi to bring them all together and create an interactive experience. 

The goal of the Topview series is to lift the veil and demystify how social media actually works in business. The series is based around business executives who have had real success with social media who will be discussing their best practices and metrics for measuring campaign success, and SAP Community Network is the first to present among many others.

A special thanks to Mark Yolton, Marco ten Vaanholt, Gail Moody-Byrd, Mark Finnern, Laure Cetin, Keith Elliott, Marilynn Pratt, Dan Maloney and Kimberly Taba DeRose for making this happen.


Use the arrows above to navigate your way around the Prezi and feel free to zoom out and explore. 

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