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PostalOne! Release 25.0 is scheduled for Nov 7th

PostalOne! Release 25.0 will be deployed on November 7th.  The CAT testing for this release is scheduled to take place August 23rd – October 1st. Mailers will need to download the new Mail.dat client application in order to submit files during that time.

The latest Mail.dat client application is available for download from the Electronic Data Exchange page, which can be accessed from the Business Customer Gateway.

Release 25.0 contains numerous updates, but mainly focuses on updates to MicroStrategy Full-Service Data Quality reports and changes to Full-Service requirements in the PostalOne! SASP System.

To view the latest version of the release notes, please click on the link below:

Please note that in addition to what is currently listed in the release notes, another new requirement has been submitted for approval by the Postal Service. If it is approved for Release 25.0, it will affect Mail.dat submissions for Full Service.

New proposed requirement:

The PostalOne! System will reject Mail.dat submissions where the sum of the .imr IM Barcode Upper Serialization minus the .imr IM Barcode Lower Serialization plus 1 for all full-service IMR records in the job is 20% greater than the larger of either (1) the sum of the .cqt Piece Count for all full-service CQT records or (2) the sum of .cqt Copy Count for all full-service CQT records.

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