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Wrap-up : SAP Inside Track Bangalore, 2010

SAP Inside Track Bangalore, 2010 was a BLAST !!! However there is a confession from my side. Given the fact that I’d been helping Craig Cmehil for organising Community Days, I was skeptical about the participation. I would take this chance to confess that I was practically floored by the participation SAP Inside Track received. If there was any doubt in my mind, they were blown to bits by the Bangalore SAP Community members.

Kudos to the members of the SAP Community Network and all those who attended, physically or virtually to make this happen.

And also definitely to Craig, Mrinal, Somnath & Shweta for going all out in terms of what was needed to make it as successful as it was. They are just awesome !!!

Last, but definitely not the least, hats off to the Certification 5. The sessions were absolutely brilliant and engaging and the odd timezones did not deter them from being online and drive this to a success for a straight 4 hours. You guys ROCKED !!!

Below are the links to the recorded sessions, they are available in the wiki as well :


Time Session Topic Session Description Host
9:00am-9:30am Welcome & Introductions    
9:30am-10:15am Open Innovation @ SAP A look at innovation with SAP and our Technology Strategy Craig Cmehil
10:15am-11:00am Business Blueprint (enhaced + collaborative) Business Blueprinting is an activity carried  out before Realization for SAP implementation projects. We will showcase  two new tools currently in the works – Enhanced Business Blueprint  (on-premise) + Collaborative Business Blueprint (on-demand) which are  complimentary to the existing Solution Manager offering to give  customers a closed loop Blueprinting experience from Creation to  Sign-off Karthik Sj and Vaibhav Valecha
11:15am-12:00 noon Learning SAP SNC Share experiences in learning SAP SNC using SAP Community Network Somnath Manna
12:00noon-12:45pm Discussion: The state of enterprise UIs An open discussion on why the user interfaces  of our enterprise applications consistently suck and what can we do to  change that Mrinal Wadhwa, Anne Kathrine Petteroe, Craig Cmehil
12:45pm-1:45pm Lunch    
2:00pm-2:45pm SAP Certification Hear updates from the Certification 5 on their  groundbreaking dialogue with SAP and then engage in a freewheeling  discussion about the value of SAP Certification. The “C5” will join from  around the globe for this special session. Michael Koch
3:00pm-3:45pm Being Totally Frickin’ Awesome Hear how the Certification 5 turned a research  project into an action item for SAP along with the whacky marketing  methods used. If they worked for us, they’ll work for you Dennis Howlett
4:00pm-4:45pm SAP Career Strategies 2010

SAP skills are a constantly moving target. New  product areas emerge,threatening to overtake existing skills.  “Commodization” in the form of global sourcing changes the game, forcing  us to take pro-active steps to avoid flattened rates and decreased  demand. In this interactive, “no slides” discussion, SAP Mentor Jon Reed  will address the career planning questions you bring. He’ll also share  his views on building an SAP career strategy, the role of “social  networks,” the relevance of certification, and the impact of community  on careers and skills development
Q&A with Jon and Cert5

Jon Reed’s Blog : Avoiding SAP Skills Commoditization – Keys to Differentiating Your Skills                                             

Jon Reed
4:45pm-5:00pm Debriefing & Closing  


Also do not forget to take the Certification Survey if you have not taken it already :


Before closing for the day, Mrinal floated the brilliant idea of a Bangalore SAP User Group, through which we can co-ordinate and organize regular meetups, met with quite a bit of cheer from the participants. We’ve started with a Facebook group as it seemed to the one where most of the us were present :!/group.php?gid=146237885404545

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  • Abesh – I was online for 3 hours and I agree – hats off to you (it’s exhausting moderating), Craig, others and the C4 out of C5 – Dennis, Jon, Michael, Leo

    I enjoyed all the sessions..thank you for all that you and the team did.


  • Abesh,
        Between work, family and timezones it’s hard to get to attend these things, even virtually.  Having the recordings available is the next best thing…

    Thanks for your efforts,