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eBook: BPM use cases in the Public Sector

In our previous blog related to BPM uses cases titled, Presenting Real World BPM Use Cases in an SAP Environment, my colleague Greg Chase and I made the case for taking a BPM approach for streamlining processes. We presented the BPM use case wiki as a good starting point for learning from early adopters.

Today I am pleased to present an ebook with public sector specific BPM use cases:

  • Exception parking permits for contractors
  • Issue reports submitted by citizens
  • Dunning and coercion process for public toll roads
  • Cross-border cooperation between police agencies

If you are looking to streamline processes in the public sector then I urge you to invest 20mins to watch it and be inspired.  It has been developed by Andreas Muno from Public Services Solution Management and Matthias Weber from BPM Solution Marketing. They demonstrate the value of applying SAP’s Business Process Management using scenarios and show how you can take advantage of best practices provided by SAP for Public Sector. These use cases have also been documented in the BPM use case wiki.

Have you also got a BPM use case in public sector or another industry that you would like to share with the community? Then, add your insight by becoming a contributor to the BPM use case wiki or join the conversation at the Business Process Management use cases within an SAP Environment.

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