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Reportapalooza: Prepare yourselves for domination

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, two things.  First, shame on you. I’m hilarious.  Second, I’ve just joined a distinguished cast of reporting experts, wise in the ways of SAP Crystal Dashboard Design and just as attractive as you can reasonably expect a group of IT professionals to be.

That said, a lot of my fellow experts (Mico, Brian, Reportapalooza –  Information By The Dashboard Light, and probably soon enough Jim) are trying to very generically hype the competition without coming right out and saying “vote for me.”  I’m planning to differentiate myself by coming right out and saying “vote for me.”  So, you know, vote for me.  Please.

I’m no fool, however, I know that I need to not just say that you should vote for me, but also talk about why you should.  But I’m not going to.  Yet.  That’s because it isn’t quite time to vote for anyone in particular.  Right now it is time to go out and tell the SAP people what sort of dashboard you want us to create (at this point, a vote for me would look an awful lot like voting for Monsters, UFOs, and Other with a write in of “Puppies vs. Kittens”). 

 You won’t actually have to vote for me for another week or two, depending on when you read this.  Or, I guess maybe right now.  Or god forbid you are reading this after the competition is over and you can’t vote at all, or maybe you can vote, but it won’t count.  All those wasted votes. 

Crap, now I’m sad.  See what you made me do?  Want to make it up to me?  Go out and pick some dashboard ideas.  And make those ideas be Monsters, UFOs, and Other (Puppies vs. Kittens).

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