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Mobility – What I learnt from Vishal Sikka’s Session

It was indeed a pleasure to watch Vishal Sikka (CTO, SAP AG) speak at a function in Wipro Technologies recently. There is something special about these extremely successful men. First of all, they are extremely down to earth, and secondly they have the uncanny knack of hooking the audience once they start talking business.

Vishal Sikka, in his brief speech gave us 3 points that are SAP’s key focuses in the near future.

  •          In memory
  •          Cloud Computing
  •          Mobility


Since I am writing this blog in the Mobile community and my interest lies in the field of Mobile, let us focus our attention on Mobility.

SAP has time and again mentioned its serious focus and vision on the field of Mobility. The Acquisition of Sybase was a testimonial of the fact that SAP has a clear cut mobile Strategy, and the Flagship move was to acquire the market leaders in the mobility field.

Sybase and SAP have been working in tandem with each other and have come out with the Co – Innovated Architecture for Mobile Applications. The architecture is no doubt complex, but as in life great things come with great complexity. You can get more information on the co innovated architecture in the various mobile blogs present in SDN.

The Sybase-SAP co innovated architecture has been implemented by msc mobile whose product MOMENTUM has been awarded the best mobility solution recently. Kudos to msc mobile and Alexander IIg who has given me valuable advice and tips about Mobility. I would also like to thank SAP Mentor Kevin Benedict whose articles and blogs are flooded with knowledge on Mobility and have been instrumental in inducing an interest on mobility in me.

SAP has established a fantastic portfolio of Mobility partners and Syclo is one of the most well known partners. Their product in the field service scenarios is top notch and it wont be long before SAP and Syclo come with co innovated architectures.

SAP‘s mobile middleware had some shortcomings in the past, but the NW mobile 7.1 is efficient and is also successful in device management and security.

One of the major factors for the need for mobility is the rise of the “Mobile Age”.  PC’s and desktops have become as dead as “dodos” as the” Macs”, “Ipads”, and Smart phones have become a revelation.  It has been estimated that 1.3 Billion workers would turn mobile by the year 2012, which means there is plenty of business for mobility.

One of the reasons Mobility has taken time to pick up is its ROI. Enterprises were skeptical and preferred to keep their money in tact during the recession, rather than going for solutions which would speed up the process.

However. Mobility not only reduces time and load, but also enhances productivity and customer satisfaction.  And now with the recession behind us, enterprises are back on track and are determined to implement new solutions for better results.

Only time would have the answer as to whether SAP made the right moves or not, however the gut feeling is that SAP is well on track for gaining plenty of success in the Mobility field. Finally, Thanks a ton to Vishal Sikka for the short speech he gave, that inspired me to write this blog.

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