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Import of PDF files using MDM GUI Clients

I have been watching threads on SAP Master Data Management for the last 5 to 6 months. I noticed that SDN members keep asking about import of PDF Files and often confused about this concept. So I think this is useful for all of SDN community if there is requirement to load PDF files.

Pre-requisite: In order to load PDF files Adobe Acrobat® Standard or Professional Version is required and it needs to be installed on the machine that is loading the PDF and not on the Server machine. I mean on machine where you are using MDM Data Manager. It is also required to generate Thumbnails. If you don’t install this Adobe Acrobat Standard/Professional you will get error as given below:
“Importing [English US] ‘xyz.pdf’…failed.
Unable to open Adobe Acrobat.
See your administrator about installing Adobe Acrobat.”

Procedure: PDF files can not be imported through Import Manager. For this you need to upload the PDF files with the help of MDM Data Manager using Data Group. While uploading the file through Data Group you can store that file either using option Link to original file only or store in repository. Once you have uploaded all the files in data Group then after that using Import Manager, you can link main table records with the corresponding PDF files using PDF file names.

Some SDN members often confused about Allow invalid PDF property which can be set in MDM Console. I want to throw some light on it.

Note: MDM considers a PDF invalid only if it is unable to generate a thumbnail for it. If you have installed Adobe Acrobat Professional on the machine that is loading the PDF, you don’t need to set this property Allow Invalid PDF in MDM Console. I mean in console right click on repository –>properties–>allow Invalid PDFs = Yes is absolutely not required.

SAP Note: 1258537
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