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Xcelsius Running on Apple Devices

By introducing new concepts about user interface experiences, Apple in fact has changed the way of people around the world interact with information using touch screen features present on their own devices.

Is not a fact isolated, but the history tell us that hardware has promoted software changes, what does main software companies review their strategies to follow or not that wave.

Fortune’s analysts estimate that Apple will end Q3 in 2010 selling about 3 million iPads. Not only to follow Apple trajectory, but moreover to follow this mobility momentum, it’s not too complicated understand why SAP is entering in this arena. This can be reinforced with the Sybase acquision.


Xcelsius 2008 is tied to Adobe technology (Flex and Flash), thus is not possible to generate something that can be run on Apple devices because iPads and iPhones use Safari browser that is built on top of Webkit (HTML5 enabled). In a row, Xcelsius is not runnable in Apple devices.

However, I started a research by myself on how to enable my old (not too much) Xcelsius dashboard on Apple devices? For my surprise, Yes! We Can!

The good new is that Adobe is not stopped. Adobe Labs has an initiative that makes possible generate a new Apple application (ipa) from a Xcelsius dashboard to be synchronized with iPads and iPhones.


In the following posts I describe required steps to have a Xcelsius dashboard running on Apple devices.

Step 1 – Preparing the Development Environment

Step 1 – Preparing the Development Environment

Step 2 – Working with iPhone Developer files

Step 2 – Working with iPhone Developer files

Step 3 – Distributing a Hello World iPhone application

Step 3 – Distributing a Hello World iPhone application

Step 4 – Turning a Xcelsius Dashboard into AIR (optional)

Step 4 – Turning a Xcelsius Dashboard into AIR

Step 5 – Turning a Xcelsius Dashboard into IPA

Step 5 – Turning a Xcelsius Dashboard into IPA

By now you can download a sample Xcelsius App to your own iPad/iPhone.

I would really appreciate suggestions for further blogs and would like to hear what is the most interest to people. I will then try to provide the information in the form of a short blog entry. Stay tuned for more on SAP BusinessObjects BI suite.

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  • Hi, i am not able to sync. the demo app (btw. which sounds really interesting!) on my iPhone via latest iTunes. “signature not valid”
    Any idea?
    BR, Lars
    • The tiny link provides only a Xcelsius demo already converted to IPA file format. To generate such certificate try navigate using Safari (works better) even on windows platform. Finally for a development step we usually include UDID of testing devices before deploy final app into the Apple Store.
    • yeah you are right, the whole 9 yards of setting up the mac/windows for app install. It did work for a basic hello world type of app. But It never worked for my Xcelsius application. I tried it on the ipad and the application just crashes, have to check the device log files in xcode to see whats going on.
      • I converted a complex Xcelsius Cockpit on a Windows machine. So follow the Adobe link and install OpenSSL. This will generate the needed certifacte-files etc.
    • hey BTW the adobe link you posted is cool, ran into many issues generating the p12 file, the link has steps to get the job done using key chain mac program.
    • Hi Dagli,

      The provisioning file includes the UDID of an Apple device, so every developer has your own certificate attached to his devices. The way is subscribe Apple as iPhone developer and then you will be able to generate your own provisioning file.Sorry 😉

      • I got it running finally, all my simple xcelsius apps are running on ipad, but the very first one with sizable data is still crashing.

        Some points to note:

        1. Very slow ( probably the packager is not translating the code efficiently).

        2. Cursor visible. ( the all infamous hand cursor symbol is visible on the app!!!) it is very annoying to see a cursor on the multi-touch user interface.

        3. touch is not responsive. ( again can attribute this to cross compiling efficiency)

        4. Hover becomes Tap. ( All the Hover sensitive features that you have enabled for your dashboard now becomes a Tap, and ofcourse defeats the whole purpose of Hover without drill-down, you will actually end up drilling down on the components when all you wanted is to Hover.)

        5. Have tried basic QAAWS calls, did not try Live Office connections yet. ( So far so good on connectivity).

  • It’s working great, it does not look good and Xcelsius is not made for touch based interaction so I cannot imagine any of my customers prefer this in stead of RoamBI for example..
        • Dear Mr van Ulden,

          actually I would also like to know how do you get the Xcelsius dashboards to work within the Business Objects Explorer App? Or did I get you wrong and you meant the Explorer Data? Is there a way without the flash conversion?
          Thank you very much for your support
          Best regards
          Michael Wecker

  • I tried downloading the sample app on ipad and safari denyed the download saying it wasnt a valid file.   I can download it on my PC ok so I assume there is some security involved blocking it.  Any ideas?
    • Hi you would need a developer license to use the apps on your ios device & that too this app needs to be signed by your key, so its not going to work this way unfortunately!

      your device said its invalid because you have to use itunes to install the app on your ios, which again takes you back to the license thing!.