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SAP BPM-Tutorial for beginners

I have just released a new BPM tutorial which describes how to develop a very very simple BPM process. The source code is published as well.
As a prerequisite you need:

  • Sandbox/ Development System: SAP NetWeaver CE7.20 (incl. BPM usage type),
  • administration user on the sandbox to create new users and to deploy a new dc,

The tutorial should be completed with approx. 60 minutes. At the end you will be able to run your first BPM process. In comparison to the tutorial in the SAP NWDS help you do not need any other system because the example process just uses pure CE features. Of course the tutorial is just a starting point but it should already give you an idea how to use/develop features like:

  • Swim lanes
  • Human activities
  • Process repository
  • Generating Web Dynpro UI’s out of the BPM context
  • Modeling a BPM process flow
  • How to use the process composer
  • How to do mapping between activities and the context
  • How to create users and assign them to a swim lane
  • How you build, deploy and execute a process 

The demo process has just 2 swim lanes and 2 human activities. The following image gives you a overview of the process in BPMN:

Process in BPMN

At the end of the tutorial I give you some ideas how to enhance this example. The ideas are based on real life experience.

All the best


Link to the article/tutorial:

Link to the zipped-source file: (To import just open the NWDI and go to the infrastructure perspective and import the SC)

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  • Thanks for the update.  I followed the similar tutorial for CE 7.1 a few weeks ago, and it is nice how many steps went away in version 7.2

    I am having a problem at step 68.  Assuming you mean “Go to DETAILS of the Component”, I am not getting anything to happen when I select my process and then click START.  Is there some requirement I am missing?


    • Hi Keith,
      Re CE7.1: Correct! Some many steps went away. Especially the whole Web Dynpro Java coding.
      Re your question: Yes, as shown on the screenshot in step 48: Select the Component, Then (below) the list of Versions appears. By default the most current one is selected, and then again below version-tray there is a tray called Details… select the process (prcMyNameAge) and then the “Start process…” button is enalbled.
        • After step 15 I get an error to refresh model data.I am not able to see the “defaultservice” in the trigger input field once you click next. Any help is appreciated.
          • thanks for the prompt reply.
            my version:

            SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
            SAP NetWeaver 7.2 SP01 PAT0001

            This is the excate error. “No Preloaded Data. Refresh de development configuration: In the context menu of the Process development component choose ‘Modeling Infrastucture’ then Refresh Development Configuration”.

            I did refresh as mentioned above but no luck.

            Even i tried to import your sca file when i refresh the errors are gone but when i build the dc is broken. Not able to figure out the issue.

      • UPDATE:  I got it now.  I had to add the Super_BPM role to my administrator user in order for the “Start Process” button to work.