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Reportapalooza – Information By The Dashboard Light

I was all set to write another blog entry about Crystal Reports contracting and professional networking when a funny thing happened.  I was named as an Expert Challenger in Reportapalooza, a 3 month online festival promoting SAP Crystal Reports solutions.  

My initial reaction was to look around and ask, Who Me? Then I remembered I was on a phone.  On an island.  With no land access (and not much in the way of roads to speak either, for that matter).  Yeah, they were talking to me.  And now Reportapalooza is here!


So here I am, a simple report developer named David stacked up against some goliaths in the Crystal Reports world.  Jamie Oswald is a 10 year veteran in the war against Business Unintelligence, a 2010 SAP Mentor and ASUG Business Objects Ambassador. Mico Yuk is a 2010 SAP Mentor and founder of the Xcelsius Gurus Network and blog featured frequently on the SAP Xcelsius web site.  Jim Brogden was one of the first ever certified Business Objects and Crystal Reports professionals and renowned Crystal Reports author.  And Brian Durning has been eating, drinking and dreaming SAP and Crystal Reports (when not doing the first two) since the last millennium . 

Me, I am just your blue collar report developer, churning out Crystal Reports solutions for The Man, always hoping the contract lasts another month.  How am I to compete against these masters of SAP Crystal Reports and Crystal Reports Dashboard Design (formerly Xcelsius Engage).  Well, that’s where you guys come in.  You are my sling shot and your votes are my stones.  Go to the Reportalooza web site right now and vote in the first challenge poll, selecting your favorite dashboard idea:


I could be developing your choice into my Dashboards by Request entry next week! And if you are a report and/or dashboard developer, submit your most intriguing reporting solution to the Report Hero challenge.  Tell us why you are your own reporting export!


You can also take a Reporting Personality quiz and sign up for Reportapalooza updates.  And did I mention that that SAP is giving away prizes?  Check out the web site for information on how to enter for your chance to win iTunes gift certificates just by tweeting!

As for me, you can show your support by following me on Twitter at @David_Deitch, checking out my Facebook page at, my Crystal Reports group on LinkedIn ( – you knew I was going to work that in eventually) or my new web site at  Of course, you can always check out my blog entries here on the SAP blog site (


Most importantly, tell your friends and share the above links (they are Maestro-specific so using them gives me more ammunition against the competition). And when tweeting, be sure to include the tag #reportapalooza.  Even if you are not a Crystal Reports or Dashboards expert, check out Reportapalooza to learn about how these products can help your business.  You just may see a dashboard example that turns on that lightbulb over your head and solves a business headache.

Remember, your information tells a story and SAP Crystal Reports and Crystal Reports Dashboards Design can help bring it out!

David Deitch
SAP Reportapalooza Maestro
Senior Crystal Reports Developer
Host, Crystal Reports Group on LinkedIn
CoModerator, Crystal Users and Crystal Reports Users Group on Yahoo Groups

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