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SAP PI/XI: New Book: The Essentials on SAP NetWeaver Process Integration – A SAP Mentor 2010 Series

When more then half a year ago I started talking with Shabarish about blogs we found out that many of our colleagues/friends read our blogs when they are looking for a particular solution and quite often many of them are described in SDN in one of our articles. As we wanted to help our friends a little bit we came into conclusion that maybe they is a better way. Instead of searching for a solution once you actually need it, it would be better to have a look at them before you want to use it but how to do it? Browsing articles on sdn and reading them one by one is not the way as you may get tired pretty quickly but what if we would have them grouped somewhere by single PI topic and what if we wouldn’t even need to browse SDN or print blogs to read them? This is when we decided that it may be better to write a book with all of our best blogs/articles from SDN so that people can easily get familiarized with some of our ideas not only while sitting in front of the notebook but also while traveling on the train, plane, etc. and that is one of the main reasons of writing our new book: The Essentials on SAP NetWeaver Process Integration – A SAP Mentor 2010 Series

What can you find inside our book:

– many of our best articles published on SDN – but each of them has a special comment (either on the version level, new functionality which makes it easier to implement suggested solution and also other ways of implementing the same piece of code – like java version of the ABAP code).
– you can also find quite many of our non published on SDN articles which are not available anywhere else which describe: new functions of PI 7.1, structuring SWCVs, pre-receiver identification, just to name a few and a lot more.
– all articles are grouped by specific topics (like adapters, mappings, BPMs, development, security) so it’s easier to read and get prepared for a business blueprint phase of every project.

Who should buy the book:

– everyone who want to be prepared for the blueprint phase of PI implementations and not propose something and then try to check if it’s possible on SDN
– everyone who likes to get familiarized with PI tips/tricks but like doing that on the train/plane where there is on SDN access

How can you get the book:

– either from the publisher – GeniePress – The Essentials on SAP NetWeaver Process Integration – A SAP Mentor 2010 Series  
– or from Amazon The Essentials on SAP NetWeaver Process Integration – A SAP Mentor 2010 Series 


Who would we like to thank:

– we’d like to thank SDN team (Mark, Marilyn, Craig, Gali – just to name a few) who have always supported us with writing articles on SDN – which helped us a lot in writing this book

– Kevin Wilson – for his help with making our idea alive 🙂 

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  • Well done guys (again)! This is just more proof why the SCN platform is one of the best (if not the best) of it’s kind.

    Marilyn, Craig & an endless list of great individuals (including the 2 of you) is why SCN has evolved into a living, breathing & cohesive organism. SCN has a few usability issues here & there but these pale in comparison to other forums.

    The other important point I wanted to make is that this serves as inspiration for others & is indicative that SCN is more than just posting stuff but also about providing a platform for great people to learn & grow from strength to strength!

  • Emphasize the quality of the contributors.  PI is the vibrant area it is here all these years thanks to expert and passionate contributors like you Michal and Shabarish.
    Its also so cool to see SAP mentors in the title as well. (2 SDNers who are PI guys and also mentors)
    It’s especially heart-warming to see collaboration efforts from others in the community like Kevin Wilson.  I see that his Event Management book published in February offers a free chapter glimpse.
    Any such content peeks from you guys?
    • Hi Marilyn 🙂

      thank you so much 🙂

      >>>I see that his Event Management book published in February offers a free chapter glimpse.

      of course – geniepress page offers the same
      for our new book 🙂

      Michal Krawczyk

    • Hi Shabarish and Michal,

      Could you please confirm, have you guys updated this book according to  PI 7.3 or PO 7.31.  does this book covers the security topics as well such as digital signature, encryption/decryption for both message and transport level?

      I would like to buy this, as I have seen you both of you are a great contributer on SCN, no doubt content of this book would be marvelous. Please confirm my above query.



  • Congrats Michal and ShabZ.

    Looking forward to read this book but don’t know from where should i get a free signed copy by authors 😛 …

    Though, A Great Effort !!!



  • Thanking Michael and Shabz for their great efforts and contribution on this title. I’m so joyful to  learn from this scn forum always and this book(purchased online from Amazon in 2010) helped me as a reference in my work area for several months in the earlier stages and now too.  One simple advice to both mentors… Since PI newer versions are having more changes with respect to Process orchestration (PI 7.4) plus bpm and hana integration & so much, you guys also should plan for the updated topic as a seperate release.