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Walk sequence carrier route with Postalsoft DeskTop Mailer or Business Edition

A very common question that we hear in support is “Can the software perform walk sequencing on my list so I can claim saturation or high density rates”.

Walk sequencing means that pieces are presented in the order that the carrier walks or drives the route. Postalsoft cannot place the file in walk sequence order by itself, but it can retain the order as coded by a CDS or DSF2 (DSF Second Generation) service provider. Refer to the USPS DMM for more information. For example, for Standard Mail Letters refer to

Did you know you can send your data to one of our partners; Lorton Data or Peachtree Data for DSF2 processing via our Extended Services feature within Postalsoft? After processing you can then presort your job for walk sequence.

The Extended Services feature is built into Postalsoft and the feature itself is available at no extra cost to you. Extended Services will send your job to one of our partners over the internet, they will process the job and return the updated data back into your Postalsoft job very quickly! To use the feature, you will choose one of the providers we partner with, sign up with them, and pay them for the services you choose.

To access Extended Services, open a Postalsoft job and click Tools > Services > Extended Services. You’ll see a list of our partners, what services they provide, and have access to links to their web sites for pricing and for signing up.

The DSF2 processing will CASS Certify your list at the same time and produce reports as well. Afterwards, you can presort the job in Postalsoft and turn the “Retain walk sequence” option on. Postalsoft will then retain the order and assign the correct carrier route saturation or high density rates.

For more information on the DSF2 processing contact the Extended Services providers by going into Extended Services as noted above and clicking the link to each partner.

If you have more questions the SAP Knowledge Base has a large amount of KB Articles to assist you, the Postalsoft Help Topics or User’s Guide are also very good tools. If you have questions on the DSF2 processing, contact the partner you choose in Extended Services.

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