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Implementing feature of User authorization check for Stock Category during stock postings in AFS 6.0


Business Background

The client is an Apparel and Footwear major having global presence and maintains comprehensive product portfolio in sporting goods.

It was suspected that certain SAP AFS 6.0 users were illegally moving stock from one category to another, or in some cases making stock issues that resulted in unintended deficit/excess quantities for the AFS material. This also resulted in stock thefts and a reduced inventory value.

In the “AS IS” solution provided by SAP AFS 6.0, there was absolutely no way that this could be prevented.


SAP AFS provides functionality where-in if a user has plant authority to post stock movements, the user is automatically authorized to post stock on all valid stock categories of an AFS material in that plant in which the user has authority. This is without any restrictions.

Likewise, if the user has movement type authority, he/she shall be authorized to post stock on all valid stock categories of an AFS material for that movement type. Again this is without any restrictions to limit the stock postings to specific valid stock categories of the material per user.


Hence, the author and consultant responsible for providing a comprehensive solution to this business requirement suggested an enhancement implementation on standard AFS that would check user authorization for stock category at the level of plant, which would be called during stock postings via MBXX transactions (MB01, MB1A, MB1B, etc.)

Fields in the newly created authority check object included

  • Plant
  • Stock Category

This means only those users who where authorized for stock postings on the specific stock categories where attached a new role to their user profile. And this new role included the newly created authority check object.

Technical Impact

In release AFS 6.0, form routine KATEGORIE_PRUEFEN of function group J3AI is designed to validate stock category during goods movements. This is the SAP standard logic.


The proposed suggestion was to implement an enhanced logic in that form routine such that the user is validated for authority to post stock in the designated plant and stock category. If user has authorization the posting would go ahead. If not a suitable error message was fired preventing the posting.  


This was successfully implemented and facilitated the client to reduce illegal stock bookings thus ensuring guarantee of the client’s inventory by stock and value.

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