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Can everything be put on a pallet??

Lately we’ve had a number of calls in Support regarding invalid or rejected pallets.  All of these incidents have been caused by pallets being created outside of the software. 

There are a number of reasons why users have been creating pallets on their own.


  • No Pallet Scheme setup in the job.  Make sure when you go through the presort steps or setting up your job file that you have a pallet scheme set up if you want pallets to be created.


  • No Pallet or Dropship option purchased or available.  DeskTop Mailer does not offer palletization.  Postalsoft Business Edition and Presort both have the ability to create pallets as long as the job is setup properly and the pallet minimums are met.


  • Containers put on a pallet for transportation needs.  Users hire trucking companies to drop ship their mail for entry point discounts.  The trucking companies will only transport Pallets.  Technically if the mail is presented to the USPS on a pallet it needs to follow the USPS Palletization rules in DMM 705.8.  Mail that is non-palletized should be removed from the pallet by the trucking company or mailer and handed to the USPS by individual container.

Some users have been unaware of how to tell if pallets were created.  There are several things that would indicate that a pallet was formed.  Depending on which program you are using you would have either the option to print pallet placards or have a pallet output file that would contain the pallet placard information.  Also using the reports will show if pallets were created.

The job summary report (.pjs) summarizes at the end of the report, what entry points and schemes were used – for example it may show something like this…



Also the Mail Sort Listing (.msl) will show pallet information such as this….




The Qualification report (.pqr) will also include a breakdown of each container pallet/tray/sack…




All of these examples of the reports point out the scheme being used.  If the scheme does not say Pallet in the wording somewhere, that would indicate it is a NON palletized scheme and those containers should not be placed or presented to the USPS on a pallet. 

Presort does offer many options and over-rides however, you would want to be sure to have the “OK” from the USPS to go outside of the DMM rules for palletization BEFORE you run your job or present the mailing to your verification clerk.

For more information on Presort over-ride options that are available please contact Support.

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