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Your Business at Your FingertipsÂ… at the Demo Jam

An Amazing Experience

Participating in the SAP TechEd Demo Jam 2009 in Vienna was truly an amazing experience. Not only was it an electrifying experience to have an audience of thousands of cheering spectators, it was also a unique opportunity to showcase the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPhone prototype to the SAP community with awesome returns. It was a great practice of my presentation skills and it was really fun to learn about what others within the SAP community are working on.


Mobile Insight

We describe SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPhone by saying that it lets you peer into your business, providing insight that is never more than a few gestures away. Through simple and fast search, intuitive data exploration and visualization, and with high performance and scalability, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPhone allows you to answer business questions “on-the-fly” regardless of where you are with immediate access to all quality decision information.




My experience at Demo Jam started with an afternoon of rehersal where I had to concentrate on presenting this application without the aid of slides… and under a strict time restriction of six minutes! Though this was a daunting task, it was really enjoyable to work with people whose job is producing Demo Jam.


Riding the Wave

My demo followed the Google Wave and SAP Reseach teams demoing Gravity – Collaborative Business Process Modelling within Google Wave so the already excited audience was now red hot. It was an inspiring adrenaline shot to see the Google Wave demo and hear the cheering audience. (And in fact all of the demos that night were really excellent and I was proud to share the stage with all of the Demo Jam competitors.) My demo went smoothly and emcee Craig Cmehill and the audience both seemed pleased, so therefore so was I.



Exit Stage Left

When I was done with my 6 short minutes , went directly to the bar to enjoy a glass of wine and watch the rest of the show… until I was called back on stage for the audience voting via “applause-o-meter.” The top three teams were announced: Project Yowie, SAP – No Hands, and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer on iPhone. I was very excited to be in the top three. There was another round of audience voting and the auditory votes were again tallied. After what seemed like an eternity until my demo was announced as first place – I was awarded the new European Demo Jam trophy! Just participating was quite an experience, but winning the Demo Jam was truly incredible. And now I’m really looking forward to coming back on stage this year for the Demo Jam flashback to feel the excitement again.



You can watch highlights and a full replay of the SAP TechEd 2009 Vienna Demo Jam (and much more) at SAP TechEd Live.

More From the SAP Community

Visit our Innovation Center Web Site and follow Alexis on twitter


Finally, Try It Yourself!

The SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPhone (and iPod touch and iPad) prototype is now available for free in the iTunes Store!


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