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Updated! SAP Inside Track Vancouver 2010

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. SAP Inside Track Vancouver 2010 will be starting in around 30 days!

We’ve embellished the classic SAP Inside Track 2010 logo for this event.  Yes, for our first event we’re putting the stake in the ground, and adding Vancouver to the SAP map. If you’d like to add your city to the SAP map, join others and host your own SAP Inside Track!


I’m excited to announce the following sessions submitted so far for September 15, 2010:



Jason Cao, Kirby Leong (Community Managers, SAP BusinessObjects Community)

From our arm chairs here in Vancouver, we’ve been watching the SAP BusinessObjects community grow to over 420K registered members (the entire SAP Community Network (SCN) has about 2.2 million members). Come and join us for more fun facts and stats about the community. We’ll share with you what is fueling the growth, recent developments and plans for the future. Most importantly, we want your feedback, and to have a conversation with you about what you’d like to see from SCN and how we can help.

Christine Mykota (Director, NA Marketing Programs, SAP)

SAP reaches the masses through a new social media extravaganza – “Reportapalooza“.  First you learn your “Reporting Artist” personality, then perhaps participate in a reporting duel, if not, simply answer a poll and help shape the game. Philanthropy more your style?  Vote for your favorite dashboard, finely crafted by 5 experts for charity, the dashboard with the most votes wins not only a free dashboard but a substantial donation.  See how SAP has crafted unique campaigns, like this, and others launched right here in Vancouver. 

David Lai
(Xcelsius Gurus Network)

Dashboard Design (Xcelsius) – a presention of some uses cases with Dashboarding and how businesses benefit from utilizing dashboards. Then more technical presentation of best practices in dashboard design, tips & tricks for developers. Time available for Q&A and specific discussion on connecting data to Xcelsius and the different methods for doing so.

Gordon Du (SCN Forum Moderator, GORDON DU HITS 35,000 REWARDS – Congrats and Thanks Gordon)

How SCN has changed my life? To spread the word of the SCN so that more users could benefit from it based on my personal experience being Top 1 contributor on SCN for current year.

Camelia Cirjoi (Project Manager, SAP IT)

SAP runs SAP to manage their Partner business – sneak preview.  Wondering how SAP manages their thousands of Partners around the world? Come and get an early preview of the redesigned processes and re-engineered flow based on SAP CRM 7.0 solution. All of this, developed by our IT Team in Vancouver!

Michelle Wong (Product Manager, SAP StreamWork)

Collaborative Decision Making in the Enterprise: SAP StreamWork
In this session, you’ll see a live demo of how you can make a business decision using SAP Streamwork, by using business methods and BI tools to analyze the results to make a decision.  
At the end of the session, you find making business decisions with SAP Streamwork can be an easy and fun experience!


More sessions are coming in, so check out the event wiki page to view the latest, and see the agenda build up.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Please remember to register ASAP, because we were only able to reserve room for 100 attendees.


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