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The New Process of Updating and Deleting in the Content Submission System (CSS)

I would like to present  two new processes we added: to update and delete


The CSS is the system that we use to upload articles and media items to SCN.

Anyone who ever submitted an article probably came across this system. The system has been going through a major change and upgrade in the last year. One of the things we have been aware of for a long time now is the fact that the update process needed to be improved. Until today an update meant an entirely new submission.

What we did:

We created a new process of an update request so if you want to update a published article all you have to do is to click:


In this uploaded version all the metadata will remain thus saving you time and effort.


The process:

Attach the new version and submit:


The result:

You will see the last screen that confirms the update


What will happen than?

We will get the new version and will take into consideration the fact it was already approved and therefore will try and make the review process for the update version much shorter.

The Deletion Request process

The deletion Request process was created to make the deletion request more user friendly and help us  track  those deletions.


The next screen will ask for a deletion request to finish the process.


You will see the last screen that confirms your deletion request.


I hope that these two new processes will be as helpful and user friendly as we planned them to be and please don’t hesitate to send us an email with ideas and remarks or comment here.

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  • Hi Dedi,
    The update or versioning of articles and formal content looks like great functionality.
    I would though recommend you redo the graphic because it is misleading.  It shows you updating a blog submission.  That isn’t what your content submission update is doing.  It is replacing PDF files or zip files that have been uploaded.
    Please do make those changes in your screen captures so that we don’t misrepresent the content submission system as it is NOT the blog system.
    • Hi Marilyn,
      Thank you. Although I thought it made sense to write “This is an example for the blog” when talking about the process, I changed the images and wanted to clarify that the blog is about the submission system that allows only Word Docs and ZIP files, and the new processes we launched. I am looking forward for the community feedback