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Las Vegas TechEd 2010 – CD110: ABAP Tips Session Preview

CD110 – Back to ABAP Basics: Tips that will Make you Shine!   That’s the session to be at!!!!  OK – well that is one of the sessions to be at.  There are so many sessions that are wonderful at Teched.   It is the session that is the subject of the blog. 

I’m so excited about TechEd!  It is my favorite SAP event of the year!   I love learning all about the “new to me” things.  I love looking at different things that companys have done with SAP technology.  (Demo Jam, anyone?) I can’t wait to meet other people in this unique SAP world.  It takes a certain type of person to actually like SAP.  But to enjoy working with it?  It takes a crazy person like me – and you too – if you are actually reading this.

ABAP Objects, ABAP Web Dynpro, ALV, RFC, Proxy…

Everything stems from ABAP basics.  There are some basics that are forgotten in the quest for the latest and greatest.   There is always a use for a standard tip.  Any small thing that makes my life easier – is a good idea.  Anything that makes my code better, faster, easier for the end driver (user) is something that is a GREAT idea!  This session will present ABAP tips.

I hosted a Community Day – ABAP tips-n-tricks Part 2 on “old” tips and tricks a couple of years ago.  Ah, but who remembers a couple of years ago?  If you do, you might be thinking, “will it be a repeat”? Oh, how boring!!!   The slide deck in the old post will give repeat, if you’d like.  In this session, there will be a lot more tips.  Yes, I really do learn some new ones every now and then.  You can teach a dog new tricks.  (Or tips, or something like that. )

But wait there’s more..  

The end of the session will bring everything together.   How do you retain the new technology?  After all, you’ve taken the time to go to Teched.  You’ve learned many new things.  It would be nice to retain the knowledge.   So the end of the session will contain some ideas on how to use and learn more about the technology.

If you’ve made it this far in the blog – congradulations!  Because here comes…

A Preview:

One of the things we forget about when we program is that we don’t have to program some things.   Does that sound weird or what?

So you have a requests to “change” an SAP screen.  Remove field 1 or make field 2 read only.   Sound familiar?   Well, you could try to modify or enhance the screen.  You could clone the SAP program.  You could even – this is an old one – use a field exit.   Or  you could simply reject the request.

But there is an easy way of making the requestor (requestee?) happy.  And keeping them happy keeps us in a job.  All that is needed is a transaction variant.  You can set that up via SPRO.

The path is SAP Netweaver -> General Settings -> Field Display Characteristic -> Configure application transaction fields.

Nice tip, huh?  Oh you knew that one?  But that one isn’t ABAP.  Mmmmmm…   The  session will have to do better.

How about cluster tables.  Remember them?   They are still lurking out there…  Trace helps find them.

There are a lot more tips that will be shared in the session.

That’s nice but..

What about the learning and using new technology? 

For me the only way to retain the new technology is to use it. 

Here’s one of the suggestions for bringing it all together.  Web Dynpro can be used on an everyday project.  You can use Web Dynpro for reports.  Yes, it is overkill.  But it will get you using it.  Using something will help retain it.

What about those pesky ABAP objects?  They aren’t new, but do you use them?  There are some suggestions about that as well.

So if you get to go to TechEd in Las Vegas – stop by for my session.  It will be fun!   If you don’t get to my session, please stop me in the hall.  I’ll be going to sessions myself.  (as many as I can.) There are so many sessions and never enough time.   I can’t wait!!!!

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  • Hi Michelle,
    I hope the scheduling gods are smiling on us because among the many other offerings at SAPTechEd (LV) I really want to come to your session.
    Fingers crossed,
    • I hope so too – that they are a’smilin’.   I’d like to see you there.  I’m going to try to catch one of yours as well.  You have a lot to pick from – I’m sure one will work into my schedule.  I enjoyed your session last year.

      What session(s) are you looking forward to the most? (Not this one.  some of the other excellent sessions.)

      Other than the hands-on.   I haven’t even decided which ones to go to…  I’m looking forward to CD211 – Using BSP and WebDynpro as a SAP Interface for Mobile Devices.  It will work well with the project I’m working on.

      And a lot of other ones.  🙂