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Is Business Objects for SAP BW really different?

Another fine mess!  Why is it that I feel the same confusion with Business Objects that I felt when SAP first introduced their JAVA strategy?  Here is the crux of my confusion – at our company; we have a very robust Business Objects platform that supports many different non-SAP back-end systems – all from one large cluster.  We are now working to develop a significant amount of Business Objects functionality for our SAP BW environment and are struggling with how we should architect the solution.  SAP is adamant that “Business Objects for SAP is different”.  Our staff attended training and workshops.  In most cases, SAP tells us that Business Objects for SAP BW requires significant SAP Basis knowledge and should be tightly coupled with SAP BW – in other words, we should create a dedicated Business Objects environment just for SAP.  If we go down this path, we just want to be sure that we explored all options and are making a decision based on facts and best-practices (remembering the dual-stack vs single-stack vs dual-stack confusion from the early Java days).  How are other customers dealing with this?
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  • Please keep us updated on how your journey progresses.  We have several clients with the same outstanding architecture decisions.  Reading the marketing material – one would assume all we need to do is install the connector and off we go.  I’m sure you have a sandbox installation – if not, maybe thats an option. 

    Again – please keep the community updated.

    • Thanks for the reply.  We have made a decision (for now) to keep Business Objects for SAP separate from our Enterprise (non-SAP) Business Objects environment.  This was not an easy decision since we have had a mature Business Objects enviroment in Production for years.  We can always decide to put the environments back together in the future – this depends alot on SAP’s approach to how the product is architected going forward.
      • Please tell us the compelling reasons you would maintain two separate BO environments?  We keep hearing this dilemma and can’t understand the concrete facts or pros/cons.  Help us!
  • We’re going down the same road and confusion is settling in. Integration of BO and BW is not straight forward. Additional investment in a set of external ETL tools might be needed (Data Services) and is separately maintained from the SAP BW ETL process. Understanding the SAP BI roadmap will help determining where best spend your time, efforts and money!
    • Frank:
      I would appreaicte your input on ETL capabilities of SAP BW vs Business Objects ETL tool (Data Services). I could not see any clear direction from SAP.

      FYI: We have SAP as well as non-SAP systems and woudl like to use one ETL tool


      • The direction is pretty clear (although difficult to find 😉 Data Integrator (DI) in BO release 4.0 should work directly with SAPI interface of SAP Datasources to natively extract the data from SAP ECC, CRM or another BW and then BW 7.3 has a source system “Data Services” to get data from DI into PSAs.


  • We’re currently BO WebI in production with a mix of relational universes on “traditional” datawarehouses and Olap universes built on BW queries and it’s working fine.
    SSO to Active directory for BO and SAP helps a lot.
    And, WebI on BW is still work in progress, notes are released almost daily, but they are working hard on it.
  • I totally agree with you..I am a BW and BOBJ developer and work directly with clients like you..and I have worked on BOBJ with both SAP BW and non SAP systems  as backend and trust me it is different. BOBJ works smoothly with non SAP systems…no performance issues..things work in the same way as it is documented in SAP BOBJ guides..but with BW u spent most of your time solving different issues and searching sap notes for each issue..I think BOBJ was never developed to work with multi dimensional databases and they are tweaking it in every possible way to make it work with BW..lets see..I hope BOBJ with BW stabilizes soon.
    • Hi Tarun. I think many people simplifying saying “BusinessObjects” and understanding “WebI”, while BO is bigger than WebI only. BW is very OLAP minded in its nature, so Pioneer should be the most natural tool to work with BW, not WebI.