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Integration Aspects in Sustainability Reporting for Product Responsibility KPI under GRI Framework – Part P2

Please refer part P1 one for continuity:


Integration Aspects in Sustainability Reporting for Product Responsibility KPI under GRI Framework – Part P1.


Aspect: Product and Service Labeling (conti…)


PR5 Practices related to customer satisfaction, including results of surveys measuring customer satisfaction.


“Practices related to Customer satisfaction” is basically a qualitative disclosure on the policies and programs related to customer satisfaction and customer retention. But the survey measuring the customer satisfaction is a quantitative one which can be easily measured by leveraging the web service of SAP BW through SAP delivered infocube “0WS_C01” – “Reporting Survey Results”.


There are some interesting queries taken over the infocube like:



Technical Name of Query


Query Description


Details of the Query


Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Index.

Shows how the customer satisfaction and loyalty indexes have developed over time


Customer Satisfaction: Number of Customers per Answer Option.

The number of customers for each answer option for selected questions


Detailed Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction ratings for selected performance parameters


Customer by Selected Answer Options

Customers with the highest satisfaction ratings


Possible Evaluations for the Web Survey

Response rates and other details about the survey


Of course, based on the business requirement, required customization and enhancement needs to be performed.


Aspect: Marketing Communications


PR6 Programs for adherence to laws, standards, and voluntary codes related to marketing communications, including advertising, promotion, and sponsorship.


This is a Qualitative disclosure. The marketing department in consultation with the legal should develop the programs and procedures, and ensure that it is followed. For example, the person registered with “Do not Call Registry” (in India), must not receive any unsolicited calls. This has to be ensured by the organization. If this is not complied with, then the no. of such incidence needs to be reported in PR7 KPI.


Aspect: Customer Privacy


PR8 Total number of substantiated complaints regarding breaches of customer privacy and losses of customer data.


The CRM module captures the Complaint related data. The data in the CRM tables can then be loaded into the BW standard infocubes and report taken from it.


The product and the services related data can be captured by the following infoprovider and the related queries:


0CSRVMC04_Q0101    – Complaint Ratio by Product.

0CSAL_C09_Q0101     – Number of Service Complaints.

0CSRVMC04               – CRM Service – Orders and Confirmations with Complaints.


Now the challenge is to find out a smart way of filtering out the substantiated complaints related to:

  1. Customer Privacy, and
  2. Loss of Customer data.


This can perhaps be done by adding a field in the relevant CRM “ZREASON” for “reason for complaint” with a specific code assigned to each, say, 001 – Customer privacy issue, 002 – Loss of customer data, etc. Corresponding transaction also needs to be enhancements and so also the entire data flow in the BW side, starting from the Datasource till the BW Query.


Aspect: Compliance


PR9 Monetary value of significant fines for non-compliance with laws and regulations concerning the provision and use of products and services.


This is similar to SO6 and SO8 KPI.


Typically a GL will be created for fine and all fines paid will be posted as expenses to the particular GL, with elaborate line item details. With relevant selection/ filter conditions, the amounts spend on fines for product and services related non-compliance can be reported on.


If the number of postings on product related non-compliance is large then we can go for separate GL for the same.




Of the 9 KPI mentioned here for Product Responsibility, the following are the key modules required for reporting them:


  1. PR2, PR4, PR7                         – Records and case management/ Solution Manager – Incident Management
  2. PR1, PR3                     – Production Planning – Master data based.
  3. PR5                              – SAP BW – Web service.
  4. PR6                              – Manual – Qualitative
  5. PR8                              – CRM – Complaint Management.
  6. PR9                              – FI-  Accounts Payable.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are purely my personal opinions and has no legal liability on my employer or affiliates or parent organization.

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