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Innovation Weekend: Harmonizing Communities @SAPTechEd 2010

Innovation Weekend (Sneak Preview) 

For many weeks now, folks have been eagerly questioning Craig Cmehil, Jason Cao, and myself about what the RIA Hacker Nite, What to expect at Insight Night – SAP TechEd Phoenix and Vienna and the Coming up a Level in Our Process Thinking will look like this year at SAP TechEd ’10 .

I must admit that my colleagues have delighted me by helping me realize a dream I had last year of inviting developers, business intelligence specialists and process design experts to pool their talents and harmonize their skills.  This year, rather than have separate evening events for SDN, BPX and BOC we’ve decided to help pool talents and community in an event that will move (during the course of a 30+ hour event) a business case from idea to prototype and will expose our communities to a plethora of new technologies from inside SAP as well as from partners.

Beginning in Berlin and Las Vegas this year we will host and invite a select group of community members and TechEd attendees to a two (2) day event of innovation, collaboration, designing, hacking, and implementation.

This event will take place on the Sunday and Monday prior to the Tuesday openings of SAP TechEd ’10 in Berlin and Las Vegas and will engage developers and process experts as well as BI business users in social innovation through an open platform.

Where:   Berlin and Las Vegas

When:   SAP TechEd 2010 Berlin, Oct. 10 -11 | Las Vegas,Oct. 16 -17 Sunday and Monday both locations  (30+ hour Marathon)

Who:    SAP TechEd attendees/invited community members/developers/process experts/BI business users

What to expect?

Rather than my telling you, listen to this podcast which describes what’s in store for SAP TechEd 10’s Hacker Night, Insight Night and Process Design Slams.

Brief Synopsis of Podcast

PODCAST  – What’s in store for SAP TechEd 10 for our communities

Craig, Marilyn and Jason Cao met up (virtually) to chat about harmonizing their respective community events for  SAP TechEd ‘10

Craig Cmehil – describes the original creation of  Hacker Nite         0:30 – 00:58

Jason Cao  – talks about Insight Nite                                               1:00 – 2:50

Marilyn Pratt – explains how the Process Design Slam evolved      3:00- 5:10

Craig Cmehil – announces harmonization of the 3 events this year and introduces the “what” and “where of the newly launched combined event and announces: Innovation Weekend    5:15- 7:45

Marilyn Pratt describes the who and why of the weekend                            7:50 – 9:50

Jason Cao speaks about the technologies and tools to be used                   10:00 – 11;20

Craig Cmehil explains what we are going to be doing with the prototypes 11:30- 12:58

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  • Finally we are out in the open and now we are going to start hitting you with even more and more details coming down the line! Stay tuned and be sure to plan for being there for all day Sunday!
  • It’s kind of like the Developer Challenge for a good cause with a full BPX and BO presence.  The cool thing is I would attend both Process Slam and Hacker night if I could, and now I can!
    Looking forward to hearing what the business opportunity is.
    • Actually you have nailed it Matt.
      Instead of technologies in search of a business case, this year we will have a real (useful and socially responsible) business case in search of technologies. 
      The cool thing is those interested in working with the BPXers on the business case can get down to business pretty immediately.
      We are fortunate to be working with a colleague in Vancouver, Steve Williams, who has a concrete vision with many opportunities and variations on the theme of “a management tool that creates a comprehensive summary of a non-profit organization’s performance.  It needs to be: easy to access, interpret and use”.

      I’ll follow this up with another blog and invitation but the outline is something like this:
      “We are looking to embed dashboards in an open source operational management solution for non-profits.
      Developer opportunities will include:
      – Web application integration
      – Dashboard creation
      – Embedding management best practice in app and setup wizard”

      The above quotes from Steve who I am eager to introduce to the community as soon as possible.

  • Travel plans will be changed.   It’s going to be a lot of fun.   I did want to go to Hacker Night and BPX.   Like others.  Now I can go to both. 

    Happy dance!!!


    I look forward to signing up.

    • Thrilled you will attend.  You were a real asset to our efforts last year.  Now both the developer side and Business side can benefit from your attendance.
      You folks are making my weekend!
  • Marilyn,
    This is fantastic news.  As you are *well* aware, there are many of us who straddle the line between technical and business.  To be able to put us all together in one event is going to be great.
    Bring on the caffeinated beverages!
  • so, where should i go when i show up in Berlin on October 9? is it in the same location as the actual TechEd? even though, i’m far from being technically proficient, i enjoy seeing the latest and greatest in it or IT.