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Enhancement to support multiple warranties per Equipment/Additional data tab in IE01/02/03.

Go to SPRO and follow the path Plant Maintenance and customer service > Master Data in plant maintenance and customer service > Technical Objects > General Data > Set View Profiles for technical objects.



Go to particular View Profile and select the activity and layout views for that view profile. We can also define a new View Profile by pressing the button New Entries.




Select Icons and text of view and change icons and text as per the requirement. Here we will use Warranty as the tab text.



Now go to Plant Maintenance and customer service > Master Data in plant maintenance and customer service > Technical Objects > Equipment >Equipment Categories > Maintain equipment category and assign view profile you created/edited to particular equipment category. As per the requirement we can assign the view profiles to different equipment categories. Currently we are considering Machines, Engines and Landing gears.



Create any one of the sub screens 1000, 1001, 1002, 1003 or 1004 in the function group XTOB with sub screen area (say WTY_MULTIPLE).


Call the sub screen area (WTY_MULTIPLE) from the flow logic section of newly created sub screen with the statement CALL SUBSCREEN WTY_MULTIPLE INCLUDING ‘SAPLWTY20’ ‘0110’. Here ‘0110′ is a standard screen provided by SAP. We are calling this screen into our sub screen area.


Now go to transaction CMOD and create an enhancement project ZWTP0001 and assign enhancement ITOB0001 to it.


In the exit EXIT_SAPLITO0_001, specify which of the sub screens you would like to display. Set the interface parameter e_subscreen_number = ‘1004′.


Now in order to update multiple warranty line items in table BGMKOBJ we have to implement BAdi: EQUI_UPDATE with implementation name ZWT_EQUI_UPDATE.

From the interface method, IN_UPDATE of this BAdi implementation, call the standard function module WTY20_OBJNR_SET which in turn will update the Warranty line item data into table BGMKOBJ.


The output will be as shown below.


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  1. Siva rama Krishna Pabbraju


            I have followed the process mentioned by you and I am able to create a custom table and able to save record.

        But I am unable to save multiple records in this warranty tab. I have used FM ‘WTY20_DB_UPDATE_BGKOBJ2’ to save multiple records.

         As this FM is not released by SAP, I am afraid to use this. Please let me know if there is any other way to achieve  it.




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