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A Riddle to Meddle (Riddle #3)

Hello fellow SAPiens,

Here’s the third riddle in the series ‘A Riddle to Meddle’. Please post your answers in the comment section. I’ll post the winners of this riddle in the next riddle.

Riddle #3: The foundation

“Heralded the transition from three tier,
It holds a pedigree that is top tier.

Casting a wide net for building new frontier,
It lays a foundation seeking to cohere.”

Question: What is the ‘It’ mentioned in the riddle?

Spoiler warning: The comment section may already have the correct answers posted by others. To solve the riddle by yourself, please do not refer to the comments section until you are ready with your answer.


The previous riddles can be found in the below links:
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Answer to the riddles can be found in the blog: A Riddle to Meddle – Answer Keys.

Winners of Riddle # 2
Notable Winners: Wenceslaus Gnana ; Henrique Pinto ; Martin English (Insightful explanation);  Thorsten Franz (Excellent explanation)

Answers that came close: By Michelle Crapo, Satyanarayana Surisetti, and Sekar Sanku.

Thanks to Aditya Varrier, Kripa Rangachari, Poornima Chepur, Jai SR, Vamsi and pras sap for their enthusiasm.


Good luck in your quest,


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