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A Riddle to Meddle – Answer Keys

Here you find the answers and explanations of the riddles in the series ‘A Riddle to Meddle’.

Riddle 2: A milestone A Riddle to Meddle (Riddle #2)  ;

Answer: 07061992 or July 6, 1992.

It secured access to the identity Czar,
=> The password for SAP*, which is the most powerful account in SAP, is ‘07061992’ or July 6, 1992. Please note I have used the past tense (It secured access vs. It secures access) here. With the advent of Netweaver, SAP* default password is no longer 07061992. You will be asked to specify the master password during the installation time.

It unleashed power of a named Star.
=> The password will unleash the power of SAP*

It marked the launch that set a new bar,
 => July 6, 1992 is the official launch date of SAP R/3 product. Thus this date is a milestone date.

The blossomed Star spread near and far.”
=> SAP R/3 spread in Germany, and many other countries around the world.

Riddle 1: Trinity of Incarnation A Riddle to Meddle

Answer: R/1, R/2 and R/3.


Path laid by the trinity of incarnation,
=> R/1, R/2 and R/3 are the trinity of incarnation (versions)

Heralded a new era of integration.
=> Highlight of SAP products – Integration

Thousands ensued its application, 
=> Thousands of SAP installations around the globe

Many realized the transformation.” 
=> Many companies realized change after SAP product installation

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